A Father's Pride

(MB) (anal, oral) (reluc)

My eighteen-year-old son, Cory, is so damned nice I can't believe it sometimes. You'd think that at eighteen, he'd be running around every night trying to throw a fuck into every teenage girl in town, wouldn't you? Well, he doesn't. And it's not because he's not well hung either. I've seen him in the shower and when I sometimes look in on him at night, and he makes the old man proud let me tell you. He's got a prize-winning hunk of fuck meat on him. No, it's not that at all. It's that he's so fucking civic minded.

He's gotten it into his head to be an example and idol for some of the younger boys in the neighborhood. He tells me there is so much they need to learn, and no good places for them to go to learn stuff. I really admire that. He spends most of his nights with the teenage boys in the neighborhood and all weekend. You'd think he'd have enough of kids. After all, he works at the Youth Center here in town. But he's given up do so many activities with boys and girls his own age to devote himself to the young boys he encounters. He says there is a danger that many of them will get into mischief unless he takes them under his wing and shows them the proper way to cope with their changing lives. What he does them exactly I am not sure, but I know they must learn a lot because they keep coming back. Sometimes the lessons go late into the night, and the boys have to sleep over. Cory, of course, always makes sure the boys' parents approve. He works with boys from nine years of age to fourteen. He seems to have a thing about helping boys in that age bracket.

One time, he came out of his room when two boys were there, and I was shocked to see that he was bare-ass naked. Now, I'm not a prude, but that was a shock. He explained to me that boys of nine to fourteen are often timid about their developing male bodies, and he often takes off his own clothes to show the boys there is nothing to be ashamed about. What a noble gesture. As I said, he has nothing to be ashamed about since he is a fine-looking young man, very handsome. His penis did seem terribly swollen that day when he came out of the room, I do hope he didn’t embarrass the boys with an unwanted erection (you know how that can happen sometimes).


I could hear them later through the door doing what must have been yoga or some kind of Oriental meditation. They were all grunting. It must have been yoga or something like that because when the boys left that day, I noticed how stiff they were and how difficult it was for them to walk. The boys must have told their friends because he now has over twenty different young boys calling him for appointments to attend what he calls workshops. I am so proud of him. If only he got a girlfriend, he would be the perfect son. But when I mention it to him, he says he has too much work to do with "his boys." He is so selfless, it makes me ashamed at times that I don’t perform more community services.


The other day he was playing some kind of game with a ten-year-old, and I heard the strangest noises coming from his room. I hope he doesn’t get too rough with the boys. When the ten-year-old came out, he looked like he had really swollen lips. He must have bumped his mouth or something, and when he said, "Thank you, Mr. Johnson," his voice sounded very hoarse. Perhaps he was coming down with a cold.


Cory also uses a variety of teaching aids in his work for some kind of hobby or craftwork. He uses lots Kleenex, some dog bowls, cucumbers, carrots, empty beer bottles — probably to warn the boys against drinking, some leather belts, rope, candles, matches, clothes pins(the clip on kind) and strangely — dirty jock straps.


I once offered to wash his filthy jockstraps. Which I have to say, really smell bad, and he said he needed them for his teaching sessions. I guess he uses them to remind the boys to have good hygiene and wash properly. He is so creative in his teaching. He takes lots of photos of his classes and posts them on the internet to other young teachers of kids. He won’t tell me the website though because he says he is shy and doesn’t want to brag or show off to me. What a wonderful son. I am so proud of him.