A Family Affair

(MB) (oral) (humil) (inc)

The press didn't know how to handle it. Neither did the television news media. Almost every aspect of the case was too obscene to even speak about. General terms like abuse, rape, perversion, torture, didn't even seem to apply, and certainly didn't come close to what the Jacobs family had endured at the hands of the terrorists.

Domestic terrorists are what the press called the assailants. Homegrown vigilantes might be a better term, but who could quibble over details when the ultimate horror of what they did to the Jacobs family was so totally bizarre and extreme.

Ken Jacobs was a thirty-year-old preacher in the small town of Lancaster. He was a conservative, right-wing Bible thumper. He did not believe in abortion. He felt an inner revulsion at black people, and he certainly didn't advocate equal rights for gays, niggers or women. He did believe in the right of the individual to own automatic assault weapons. He was running for mayor in the town of Lancaster. If he won, he intended to bring some good old-fashioned Christian values back into the life of the town.

Ken's wife Molly was a beautiful, but mousy, little thing. One would never guess looking at her, that she had nice big tits beneath her conservative clothing. She was twenty-eight but looked much younger.

Then there were his sons. All cute boys nowadays seem to have names starting with J. and Ken’s sons were no exceptions. Jared, his descendant, the boy who would carry on his genes. He was a beautiful, fresh-faced kid of twelve. Julian, was a gorgeous, innocent boy of ten. The boys were good students, good church goers, and leading members of the church choir. Everybody loved Jared and Julian.

The trouble stemmed it seems from Ken Jacobs disparaging remarks. He publicly condemned a twelve-year-old boy who had been raped by a gang of red-necked teens. He said that it was the boy's own fault for being a homosexual, as it was against God's will. He said no doubt the boy was a pervert who had enticed the high school athletes to fuck him.

The fact that six well-built, well-hung, high school jocks had fucked this twelve-year-old boy against his will for over twelve hours, made no impression on Ken. The fact that they had forced him to not only suck all of their cocks clean after they had fucked his rectum but also deposited load after load down his twelve-year-old throat as well as up his rectum, left Ken Jacobs cold. After all, he was close friends with many of the high school boys' families. They attended his church. They were good people.


They were respected middle-class Christians, whereas the boy who had been fucked almost out of his mind was from a poor, non-church family. Odd as it may seem, local support for Ken Jacobs and his "righteous stand" swelled.


The poor twelve-year-old boy explained how the boys had not only fucked him with their big, fat, teen penises, but shoved fingers, toes, bottles, and even a baseball bat up his rectum. Ken Jacobs allowed that the boys did get a bit carried away, but he insisted that their insane lust and propensity for violence simply proved that the boy’s perverted lifestyle had enticed them to extreme behavior. After all, he reasoned, the boys were dating girls.


Ken Jacobs preached against The Mortal Sin of Homosexuality almost every week at his church. He called them spawn of the devil, and they would be damned for all time. He said a person copulating with an animal was better than a person who was a homosexual. He advocated long prison sentences for anyone caught in a homosexual act. Ken Jacobs would stand in front of television cameras with one hand on the shoulder of his twelve-year-old son and his ten-year-old son, proclaiming that children like his sons needed to be protected from perverts.


Somebody thought justice ought to be served. Some somebodies decided that Ken Jacobs needed to be taught a lesson. And so, one night, ten vigilantes broke into his home and kidnapped Ken Jacobs and his sons. Just snatched them up in the dead of night. The Jacobs family was drugged and awoke to find themselves in one room of what seemed to be a large warehouse.


Ken shook his muddled head to clear it and found his face rubbing into flesh soft, pliable, silky smooth flesh. At first, he thought he was dreaming, and that his face must be rubbing against his wife's ample bosom. But then he realized there were legs near the flesh his face was rubbing. Could it be he had his face down between his wife's legs?


Nonsense! While he loved to have his wife suck his dick, especially after a rousing Sunday morning sermon, he never sucked her pussy. He found a woman's cunt foul-smelling and even worse tasting. Then why was his face between her legs?


The next two discoveries truly shocked him. He turned his face to one side and saw his ten-year-old son, Julian, naked, tied to a wooden table. His eyes were wide open, and he seemed in a state of shock. His naked body trembled. The second thing Ken discovered was that he was strapped to a wooden table as well. His naked body was tightly bound, but there was this fleshy thing beneath him. The perversity of the situation slowly dawned on Ken. He was lying naked on top of the bound and equally naked body of his twelve-year-old son, Jared.


The boy's twelve-year-old genitals were pressed against Ken's face, and the preacher's own huge penis and balls were rubbing against the face of his young son! Father and son were tied naked in a sixty-nine position.


"Reverend Jacobs, how nice to have you with us. You and your sons are here to be taught a lesson."


The man speaking to him was large and muscular, and although his face was masked, Ken Jacobs could tell the man was an African-American.


"You will be taught many lessons, including lessons of tolerance. Your limits will be tested and expanded, and hopefully, you will come out of this a better person. A more understanding person."


Ken felt his naked son move beneath him, as the boy shifted, his twelve-year-old genitals rubbed back and forth on Ken's face. Ken felt as if he wanted to vomit.


“We are going to start with a little father and son bonding. Ken you're going to suck on the cock and balls of your son, while he sucks on your nice big, thick, daddy dick. Your son confessed to us under some duress while we were tying him to the table, that he has just recently begun to shoot sperm when he masturbates. Oh, yes, did you know that your darling, twelve-year-old son beats his meat? To most of us, that is quite normal, but I am sure to you that is a terrible sin. At any rate, since your boy is no longer shooting blanks, you will both suck each other off until you shoot your loads into each other's mouths and have swallowed the sperm."


"I won't do this. It's a sin. An abomination. It's a filthy act, and you can't make me do it, not to my own son nor to anyone else."


Ken, who was a well built, muscular man, an athletic sort, struggled with his bonds, rubbing his flat, flaccid fucker all over his son's face in his struggle. Jared sputtered and cried, as his father's thick dick mashed up against his nose and mouth.


"Oh, you'll do it, and so will young Jared. Let me introduce you to Moses."


Out of the darkness of the warehouse walked a six foot seven, black giant. Moses was built like a champion body-builder. His hands were larger than Ken's head. Moses was coal black and naked. Between his legs swung a seven-inch flaccid cock as thick as a beer bottle. Each of his nuts was the size of an orange. When he grinned, all you saw were the sparkling white teeth against the coal black backdrop of his face. Looking closer you saw that his nose was flat and wide with huge nostrils. When he walked the great slabs of his muscular ass globes rolled.


"Reverend Jacobs or Ken, may I call you Ken? Unless you and your son suck each other's cocks and do a really good job of it, Moses here is going to fuck your baby boy! His amazing dick erects to an amazingly full thirteen inches. And he is a pretty brutal fucker if I do say so myself."


Ken's screams of terror filled the hollow room, and salt tears filled his eyes.


What could he do? What should he do?


"You see, in another time and place, you might suggest that Julian really wants to feel Moses's fat fucker in his boy-cunt. You might insist that he enticed him. But now, with our help, you are able to see the situation from a different perspective."



"God will punish you for this!"


Spittle foamed at Ken Jacob's lips, and when he spoke, the small fleshy penis of his son rubbed against his lips.


“Perhaps. But then again, perhaps we are doing God's work showing you the light, as it were."


The thought crossed Ken's mind that this nigger thug was intelligent. He didn't speak like most blacks, with that ridiculous street slang.


"What's it going to be, Ken, a suck fest with you and your son, or your dear sweet baby boy impaled on a thirteen-inch black dick?"


"I, we…”


What a fucking homophobe he was. What damage is caused by a simple blow job? Yet he hesitated? His loving, devoted son was about to have a beer bottle thick, nigger dick shoved up into his tiny rectum, and he hesitated?


Moses gave his fuck snake a few tugs, and the rolls of black wrinkled skin began to unfold. The pink head of the huge cock unveiled itself from the foreskin. Moses put one huge size fourteen foot up on the wooden table, his fucker and nuts swinging over Julian's pale, white, trembling body.


"Wait, no, we'll do it. Jared, can you do this to help Julian? We have to help Julian!"


The masked man raised one hand, and Moses froze, his fuck-meat now ten inches and dripping.


"I want to see a really good cock suck from both of you. I want you to lick the balls and really slurp on the dicks. I want to hear the enthusiasm of your sucking.”


Ken could feel his beautiful young son tremble beneath him.


"I, we have never done anything like this," he pleaded to his captor.


"Don't worry, you'll take to it like a fish to water. I'll be here to help and advice. But a warning, once you start, there is no stopping or backing down. No second chances. If you stop, your baby boy gets fucked by Moses! Are you ready?"


"Dad, what do I do?"


Young Jared's voice was muffled with his face pressed into his father's large, fleshy genitals.


"Start by licking each other's balls. That way you can ease into the actual cock sucking. Just lick each other's nut sacks just a friendly bonding between father and son."


Ken tried one last time for some kind of mercy.


"My penis and testicles are quite largetoo big for Jared. He's only twelve."


"Don't worry, I'm sure he'll adapt nicely. Remember how that poor little homosexual boy had to suck on all that big, fat, white jock dick? If he could do it, certainly your son can."


Jared started to cry.


"PLEASE!" Ken pleaded.


"Better get started. If I tell Moses to go, there is no stopping him. Last chance."


Reverend Ken Jacobs extended his tongue and lapped at the small hairless ball sack of his twelve-year-old son.


"I love you, Jared. We can do this " he said.


Reverand Ken Jacobs started licking his boy's balls. The scrotum didn't really taste so bad. It was the idea of the sin he was committing that overwhelmed Ken Jacobs.


The masked captor leaned over to peer at little Jared's eyes looking up at him from between his father's hairy legs. Ken Jacobs had a nice ass, full and round and strong looking. Beneath his ass, his dick and nuts lay across Jared's face.


"Jared, you are not licking Daddy's balls. You better get going, or your brother is going to get a big, fat, black dick shoved up his asshole! Now start licking Daddy's nuts you little faggot!"


Little Jared extended his innocent, pink tongue and took a swipe of his father's large, wrinkly scrotum. It tasted salty and smelled of sweat. The boy's breathing was ragged. He licked the fuck sack and felt his dad's tongue licking his. He could do this. He could help his brother by doing this. He lapped at the scrotum and felt the large nuts move beneath the fleshy bag. He also felt a strange tickle in his loins as his dad licked his twelve-year-old ball bag. The tickle moved up through the young boy's body. He licked harder at his father's fuck sack.


"Okay, enough ball licking, you boys are getting carried away. Now start to lick and suck each other's cocks!"


Ken kept telling himself that because he was being forced to do this, God would forgive his sin. He opened his mouth and took in his son's small, pink penis. He noticed a slight wetness at the head of the boy's prick. He felt disappointed that his son masturbated. He had taught the boy that jerking off was a sin. But boys will be boys, and Ken remembered that as a lad he had frigged his own dick quite often.


The twelve-year-old dick tasted funny, a bit acidic, perhaps he was tasting some of the boy's piss. But, if it would save Julian from nigger dick, the most horrible thing Ken could think of, so be it. Ken sucked on the little dick and found it growing in his mouth. The child's prick got stiff almost at once.


Twelve-year-old Jared felt really funny. His dick got all tickle-like it did when he rubbed it in bed at night. Just a few weeks ago, the white goo had come spurting out for the first time. It felt so amazinga little like time stopped for a secondand he almost died and then like he went over the edge of some great waterfall. It felt so good that he now did it three or four times a day until his boy balls were empty of juice. He knew it was wrong, His dad had told him so, but he just could not help it. The boy nuzzled the thick folds of his dad's fuck-meat. He stuck out his tongue and lapped at the prick flesh. The whole thing was so fucking dirty.


Ken prayed that his fucker would not erect, and yet he knew it had to if they were to cum in each other's mouths. He sucked harder on the son's pricklet, wanting it to be over and done with. He felt the child's soft tongue licking his own still flaccid dick. And then he felt his fucker begin to unfold and grow. He was getting a hard on from the tongue of his twelve-year-old son. He loved it when Molly sucked him. When they first got married, she had not wanted to take his big dick in her mouth, and it had taken a long time for him to persuade her that it was a wife's duty to suck her husband's dick. Her loved how sexy his wife looked with his fat dick in her mouth.


His cock grew stiff. Little Jared tried to pull his head away from the dick above him. He had never seen a grown man's erect dick. It terrified him. He felt the masked man's hand reach down and slip under his thin, pre-teen neck gently, but firmly, pushing his face toward his father’s hard, throbbing fucker. He opened his twelve-year-old mouth, and the fat cock head slid over his tongue and into his little mouth. He had to stretch his mouth open really wide to accommodate the dickhead. Sweat from his dad's balls dripped onto the boy's face. The cock moved deeper and deeper into the kid's mouth.


Little Jared began to gag. He couldn't take the massive hunk of dick in his mouth. As he gagged, he tried to pull away, but the felt the masked man's hand holding his head firmly on the cock. With his other hand, their captor grabbed Ken's muscular ass and pushed on it, forcing more and more dick into the boy's mouth. Without meaning to, Ken's body set up a kind of fucking rhythm. His ass mounds rose and fell, each time sending more of his still erecting prick into the mouth of his twelve-year-old son.


The poor kid tried to yell, "I can't take it all! It's too big!" but all that came out was "Iiiiicaaaatha  ith ith  oooooiiiiggggg."


The kid's mouth was full of cock. Full of his dad's cock. Little Jared felt a shock wave go through his lithe, young body. He was going to cum. He came so damn fast, just a few pumps of his little prick was enough to make him spurt. His father's sucking mouth was bringing him to the edge almost at once.


The boy's entire body shook, and he arched up his slender, bony hips, as his father sucked harder and harder on the stiff, little prick stem. Ken felt his mouth flood with boy sperm. The thick slop running over his tongue and down his throat. The masked man laughed and pushed harder on Ken's ass globes, forcing more and more dick into the boy's mouth. While Ken swallowed his son's spooge, he fucked harder and harder into the face hole of his twelve-year-old son beneath him.




What could he do? He heard Julian sobbing next to him as he watched his brother's face fucking. The fat dick snaked down the boy's throat. Little Jared could not breathe. The fuck-meat clogged his throat and his air passage. His own little dick had stopped spurting but was still dribbling cock slime into his dad's mouth.


And, then, Ken Jacobs shot his load! His ass cheeks tightened, his body arched and he pushed his dick as deep into his son's throat as he could. The boy's thin neck bulged with dick. Snot ran from his little nose. His eyes bugged out, as his father’s fuck slop blasted his tonsils. Waves of pasty, thick sperm sloshed down into his stomach, his own little brother and sister sperms wiggled and slid over his tongue, tonsils, and throat. Backed up dick snot ran from his nose and squirted from the corners of his mouth. The pathetic little first-time cocksucker thought he would drown from the tidal wave of his daddy's fuck-slop.


Ken always shot a copious load. Often Molly would complain that her husband's load was too much and almost suffocated her in sperm. So imagine how an innocent twelve-year-old boy felt. At last, it was over. Jared was too exhausted to move, and Ken was always wiped out after he came. His breathing labored, he kind of collapsed on top of the body of his son. His thick dick, covered in cum began to curl itself back up, still inside the boy's mouth.


Jizz dripped from Jared's chin and ran down his neck onto the table beneath his head. His father’s fuck rod got smaller, and now Jared's face was almost covered by the relaxing scrotum of his dad. Ken prayed that it was at last over and they might be released.


He prayed to God to keep his family safe. Ken forgot that the spent dick of his sweet son was still in his own mouth. And then his hopes were crushed!


"Very good. Very well done. Your son, Ken, will make an excellent cocksucker. And now, after a few minutes to freshen up, round two.


"Round two will be lots of fun. You see, Moses here has had no relief. He could not fuck your baby boy because you and your son came to his rescue. So for round two, you, Ken, will now suck off Moses! You will hone your cock-sucking skills on his nice thick thirteen-inch dick. Quite a step up from your twelve-year-old son's pricklet, huh?


"And, while you are sucking on Moses cock your studly twelve-year-old son, Jared, will prove what a fine young man he is, by FUCKING HIS BABY BROTHER!