A Dad's Problem

(Mm) (oral, anal, rim, ws) (cbt) (humil)
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Nonconsensual indeed. There are many types of nonconsensual. My own for example. I am not consenting to my desires, and my needs, and yet I force myself to do the most perverted disgusting things. I am a pervert of lust to my three sons. Not that they know it. As a young man, I was bi-sexual, but put aside my gay yearnings and married a lovely woman who gave me three healthy sons.

Unfortunately, she died young, and as my boys grew into their teen years, my gay urges re-emerged. My oldest boy is seventeen, my second fifteen, and my youngest thirteen. They are typical wild young jocks, their heads filled with sex and foolishness, and as their father, I am trying to be a good parent, while sexually going out of my mind. Take this morning for example.

Chris, my seventeen-year-old, came stomping into the kitchen as I was making breakfast. He was bare-ass naked. The boys thought nothing of running around the house naked as they were all typical teen boys, and proud of their young manhood. Christ walked right over to me with his big thick six-inch flaccid prick swinging over his plump, jock nuts. He was the star athlete of his high school, and his body was teenage perfection. He knew it too.

"Jesus Christ, Dad. Kenny is wearing my fucking jock strap and won’t give it back."

I tried to remain calm, and hide the hard on behind my short kitchen apron. I was a Mister Mom, a successful architect, who stayed home to raise his sons between projects.

Kenny fifteen, and slenderer than Chris, but with a snotty, punk face and a cruel sense of humor came running in wearing nothing but his big brother’s jock strap over his bulging teen prick and balls.

Kenny was hung almost as big as Chris was, and both had lots more than me.

"I need to borrow it, Dad. I have a game after school. What, do you want me to get my balls torn off?"

Chris smiled and sat down naked, waiting for me to serve him. When he sat, he spread his legs, so his big nuts dripped over the edge of the chair. He raised his right leg and rested his big, bare foot on the kitchen table.


"Chris, take your foot off the table," I said setting down the plate of four eggs and bacon and toast.


"Shit, my leg hurts from swimming yesterday," he said not removing his foot from the table at all.


His big fat dick and balls looked obscene when he sat that way.


“Kenny, where is your jockstrap?" I asked.


"In the clothes hamper, it was too rank to wear again. I’ve been wearing it for two months without washing it."


"No wonder your dick is rotting off," Christ taunted, his mouth full of food.


"Well, Kenny, it’s your fault you don’t bring the jock home from school to wash more often. But Chris, he can’t play today without a pouch, so you'll have to let him wear yours."


"Here, he can wear mine,” said Timmy, my thirteen-year-old, as he entered the kitchen wearing boxer shorts, and handing a somewhat dirty jock strap to Kenny.


"I can't wear your’s, Timmy. Your dick and balls are too damn small that the jock won't fit me."


I honestly didn’t know if I would even make it through breakfast without shooting my load.


"Tell them, Dad. Tell them my dick is fucking huge for a thirteen-year-old."


"Boys, please sit down and eat. Tim, your penis is just fine for your age. Don't worry about it."


"Yeah, it’s nice and big from whacking it all the time. All night, thump, thump, thump, thump," Chris laughed.


Chris shared a room with Timmy, while Kenny slept on a roll out couch bed in the living room We didn’t have a very big house at the moment, but things would be better when the new project came through.


Kenny roared and spat out some milk.


"Does he really beat his meat all night?"


"Shut up, you fucker! You beat off too. I even saw you playing with it while watching TV."


"Saw, Timmy. You saw him,” I contributed.


“Yeah, Dickwad, but I fuck girls too. I don’t stick my fingers up my ass like you do to get off."


“Kenny, my man,” more intent suddenly, Chris asked, "How’s that bitch Steffi you fucked last week? I wouldn’t mind getting into her snatch."


"She is a prime cunt. I'll pass her on to you when I get sick of her. She's starting in on the love shit, and the forever crap already.


“Not a bad piece for a fourteen-year-old though."


“You boys are much wilder than boys were in my day," I said, not much interested in breakfast.


"Yeah, Dad, we wear clothes instead of animal skins too."


All three boys roared at that one.


"Dad, I’m serious now," Timmy said, making his little boy pouty face. "Chris is always fucking his bitch of a girlfriend in our bedroom, and I don’t give a shit, but he leaves his used rubbers all over the floor, and the room stinks like his cum."


Kenny raised one large teen hand, "Puh-lease, I am eating."


Chris, who has a bad temper, pounded the table.


"Fucking Christ, Dad, where the fuck am I supposed to fuck the bitch, out on the back lawn? You know we can't go to her house. What the fuck do you suggest, maybe here on the kitchen table?"


"Now, now, now, calm down, Chris. Nobody expects you to fuck on the floor. Of course, you can use your room.


“I'm sorry that our living conditions are so cramped, but, it’s only until the project is finished, and our new house is built. We knew these months would be rough.


“Timmy is just suggesting that you clean up your mess after. Sometimes your bedsheets are stiff with cum and cunt juice. Can't you at least throw them into the clothes hamper?”


“He pisses on his girlfriend too. The room stinks like piss,” Timmy said.


"Yes, Chris, I have seen urine stains."


“Cool," Kenny shouted and high-fived his older brother.


“Okay, okay. I'll clean up when I have time."


I knew he wouldn’t. All three boys were the kind who just dropped their underpants and socks on the floor, and it was up to me to clean up after them. They often didn’t even flush the toilet after pissing and shitting. Their minds were on boy things.


As they left for school, I heard Chris asking Timmy to introduce him to a certain thirteen-year-old cunt in Timmy's eighth-grade class. I guess the boys were betting on who could fuck her first. Chris almost always won such bets – not only because of his enormous dick size, and killer good looks but because of his natural charm and dominant personality. It was almost impossible to say no to Chris about anything.


After they had left, I cleaned up. When I got to the boys’ room, I stood there – naked now – beating my own six-inch hard on. Timmy's dick was my size, and Kenny and Chris were much larger. I am so fucking proud of my sons when I look at their enormous cocks.


I saw the stretched out used cum filled rubbers on the floor, four of them. Chris had fucked his latest girlfriend four times after school the day before. I knelt down almost unconsciously and started to crawl across the floor with my hard dick slapping my thighs and my balls aching. I bent down my head sucking in one of the cock and cunt slogged rubbers into my mouth. I knew from the past that if I sucked with enough spit, the dried cum would get wet and runny, and I would be able to taste my son’s fuck slop. The other rubbers I would save for later.


With the dirty rubber in my mouth, I crawled over to the clothes hamper and fished out Kenny's filthy prick pouch. It was true; he hadn’t cleaned it in months. It was stiff with piss and dick drippings, and stank of teenage boy cock. I put the jockstrap over my head with the pouch on my face while thinking about my hot, teenage, fucking sons.


I crawled over to Timmy's bed and put my head down where his dick and balls and ass rested so I could lick the discolored sheet. Timmy only washed his sheets about once a month. Then, swallowing the fuck slime running from the now wet rubber, licking the dirty boy bed sheet, and smelling Kenny's jock strap, I beat my dick until I had my usual satisfying morning cum. Later in the day, for my second blast, I would suck the piss and fuck stains from Chris' dirty sheet while chewing on Kenny's filthy fuck strap.


Then I would work on the hole I was drilling in the ceiling so I could watch my boy fuck his bitches from the attic. I had to figure out a way to get Kenny to bring more of his cunts home to our house. I loved watching my sons’ naked asses rise and fall as they fucked their girls.


I fantasized about someday licking the ass cracks of my handsome boys, and sticking my tongue up their assholes. I hate myself. The sex is nonconsensual. I don’t consent to do such perverted things, but I cannot help myself. I am a prisoner of my fucking lust for my sons.