A Christmas Nightmare

mB, anal, oral, bd, nc, rape, inc
A palimpsest based on a story by Alvo Torelli

The idea came to Cameron in an orgy of desperate wanting. He was overwhelmingly in lust with a boy, a boy who had no idea how hot he was or how he was incessantly driving him crazy with his tight shorts and his skimpy t-shirts. And the worst part of Cameron's desperate plight — the boy of his dreams was his eight-year-old brother Trent.

Cameron was utterly obsessed with his little brother. He'd gone to terrible lengths to spy on his hot small body or take pictures of him. His little brother was the only thing Cameron ever thought of when he wanked off, and his fantasies about him grew darker and darker with each passing day. He'd hang out around to watch his little brother as he played in his wading pool in his skimpy underwear. Instead of going out on a Saturday night, he'd offer to babysit in the hopes of getting to play with his little brother — a veiled excuse to wrestle with his little brother and explore his hot small body.

And worst of all, he'd taken to walking into the bathroom while his brother took a bath to enjoy the sight of pretty little Trent in the bath. The sight of his little brother innocently playing in the tub flaunting his nakedness at him enraged him and enthralled him simultaneously. When Trent stood to reach for a towel, exposing his hairless little dick to his view, he could barely keep from erupting as his large, throbbing cock throbbed and leaked in his underwear. How dare him! He had to have more than this paltry stolen view of the boy of his dreams. His little brother owed him more, the little cock teaser!


After leaving the bathroom, Cameron hurried back to his bedroom where he could stroke his aching cock, and that's where Cameron was when he got his idea. The idea came suddenly, as he felt his hot jism boiling up out of his balls. The idea erupted with his cum, hot, wild, and promising. It all revolved around the letter to Santa that he'd helped Trent write earlier in his childish scrawled handwriting.


Cameron had filled his little brother’s head with tales of the real Santa Claus, the magical man who brought Christmas joy to good small children. Three days later on Christmas Eve, eight-year-old Trent and fifteen-year-old Cameron were equally excited for nearly the same reason. Santa Claus was coming!



Trent was so excited! Eagerly, He told his older brother about his plan to sneak out of bed and hide until Santa arrived and then jump out and surprise him. Cameron pointed out several flaws in the plan, like getting past mommy and daddy, but Cameron helped him figure it all out, and now he was sure he was going to see and talk to the real Santa. Cam told him he was sure of it too.


The plan was simple. First, Trent had to stay awake until mommy and daddy were sleeping. That turned out to be easy because mommy and daddy got sleepy right after they put him to sleep — right after they had Christmas Eve milk and cookies with him. They were both snoring, and Trent hardly had to bother to tiptoe as he passed their room on his way to the living room where he was going to hide and wait for Santa.


But Santa was already there waiting for him! Pretty Trent nearly screamed in surprise as he came through the door and saw the roly-poly man in the red clothes standing in the middle of the room, fists on his hips. And Santa was scowling at him, his bushy white eyebrows pulled together and his mouth drawn into a frown. Immediately, Trent froze in front of him staring up at his angry face.


“Oh, my god, S…S…Santa? Oh, my god!”


“So, this is little Trent,” Santa said in a gruff voice that sounded quite a bit like Trent's brother. But it couldn't be Cameron because he had seen the lump in Cameron's bed — he was sound asleep like their parents. And this was obviously Santa, not Cameron, even if he sounded a bit like his older brother.


“I might have known a little boy on the naughty list would be late to meet me.”


“What? No, no, Santa, I'm not on the naughty list. I'm not!”


Trent’s luminous blue eyes went wide with unhappy surprise. Santa glared down at the little blonde boy in the cute sleep shorts.


“Are you saying Santa is a liar, little boy? Naughtier and naughtier!” boomed Santa. “No Christmas presents for this nasty little cock teaser! Santa needs to get on to all the good little children and give them their wonderful presents. Naughty boys only get coal for Christmas.”


And Santa pulled a charcoal briquette from deep in his pocket and turned to stuff it into Trent's empty stocking where it hung from the mantle.


“No, no, Santa, please!” Trent pleaded. “Please, I don't want to be on the naughty list. Isn't there some way to show you I'm a good boy? Please Santa.”


Santa turned back to Trent and bent down close, his long white whiskers nearly touching Trent’s pretty face. Santa’s deep blue eyes bored into Trent’s very similar blue eyes for a moment, brows furrowed. Then he growled.


“No, I don't think you'd want to do what it takes to get off of the naughty list. Little cock teasers like you never do. Santa doesn't want to waste his time with another cock teaser.”


Trent was so confused! He had no idea what a cock teaser was — but if Santa said he was one, then it must be true.


“Oh, Santa, please, please let me try. I'll do anything Santa. I don't want to be on the naughty list.”


Santa stared into Trent’s eyes for another moment.


“You'll have to do exactly what Santa says,” he intoned, “exactly.”


“Yes, Santa, I will, I promise.”


Trent's childish voice quavered.


“And you'll have to be punished,” Santa whispered. “Boys can't be good boys without being punished, Trent. Those are the rules.”


“Oh! Oh, god. Really?”


Trent's eyes were as big as saucers at the mention of punishment.


“You see,” Santa said, “I told you, you didn't have what it takes. Cock teasers never do.”


“No, no, Santa. I'll do whatever you say! You can punish me. I'm sorry I was a naughty boy!”


The tiny eight-year-old was beside himself — torn between wanting to be on Santa's good list and his fear of an unknown punishment.


“Do you promise, Trent? You can't go back on your word to Santa, or you'll be on the naughty list forever!”


“Oh, god, yes, yes, I promise, Santa. I promise.”


Santa straightened up and glared down at Trent with mock disbelief.


“Very well, little cock teaser. As long as you do exactly what Santa says, without question, maybe, just maybe you'll make it onto the good list. Let's get started with your punishment.”


Little Trent looked up into Santa's bearded face with dread waiting for something awful. The confusion and worry on his pretty face made him even more beautiful and erotic than ever — at least as far as this particular Santa was concerned. He'd dreamed of just such a look on the gorgeous little boy’s face, and Santa was very ready to push Trent to the next stage.


“Turn around and stare at the fireplace, cock teaser!” Santa barked. “Put your arms up in the air.”


Trent sucked in a gulp of air at Santa's sudden command, but he did as he was told, staring at the gas flames of the fireplace. He could hear Santa kneeling behind him, and he shivered with anticipation, but he stared straight ahead until he felt his flannel sleep shorts coming down his thighs, then along his calves and all the way down to his feet! Suddenly, the little child was standing in front of Santa naked! Trent turned bright red with embarrassment as he remembered at once that he wasn't wearing any underwear and Santa was probably looking at his bare bottom! Oh, why had he been so quick to go to bed without any underwear, just because he couldn't find a clean pair? Acting instinctively, little Trent threw his hands down to cover his bare little ass from Santa's view. Santa's booming voice startled Trent into a tiny scream.


“I said keep your arms over your head, cock teaser! You promised to follow Santa's instructions, Trent. But I guess you don't want to be a good boy!”


Trent threw his arms back up over his head baring his sweet round ass.


Trent squeaked out, “I'm sorry. I'm sorry, Santa. I'll be good. I will.”


“This is your last chance, little cock teaser,” Santa said as he reached into his big velvet toy bag. “You're not off to a good start, but Santa wants you to prove yourself, so he's going to help you out.”


Santa pulled long loops of thick red and white fabric Christmas ribbon out of his bag and let Trent see them.


“Since you can't control yourself, Santa will help you,” he said as he stepped back behind Trent.


Trent felt Santa take hold of his wrists and gently pull his arms back down. But he didn't stop there. Santa pulled Trent’s arms behind his back and held his wrists together. Then he felt something being wrapped around both wrists. It was the ribbon! Trent did his very best to stare at the fire like Santa said, even though he was getting very scared as the ribbon went round and round his wrists and then tightened frighteningly as more ribbon was wound around in between his wrists. He desperately wanted to pull away, to ask Santa why he was tying his wrists together, and to escape the growing panic that rose as his mind caught up with his predicament. But Santa wasn't done! Trent felt another ribbon wrap around his elbows, pulling them tightly together as his shoulders were pulled back.


“Santa, I don’t like it,” Trent burst out unable to stop himself. “Please, Santa, what are you doing?”


“Silence, cock teaser!” Santa boomed as he completed the knots binding Trent's elbows together. “There,” he proclaimed. “A pair of lovely Christmas bows to adorn Santa's little cumdump.”


Trent couldn't move his arms at all, and he felt more and more panic with each second. Santa seemed less and less like the jolly old man he was supposed to be. Then Santa turned Trent around to face him, and Trent sucked in a startled gasp at the look in the fat man's deep blue eyes. Even though the massive white beard and mustache, Trent could see the way Santa was looking over every inch of his naked little body — like he was ready to eat him. His mouth opened to scream, but Santa quickly covered Trent's mouth with a white-gloved hand stifling his scream.


“Be quiet, Trent,” he whispered sternly. “You promised to be good. Are you going to do as Santa says or not? Well?”


Trent, eyes wide and tearing with dismay, slowly nodded his head up and down in defeat. Santa removed his hand from Trent’s pretty mouth, and the little boy bit his lip enticingly, managing to keep himself from screaming even as Santa looked up and down his beautiful young naked body in a way that Trent didn't like at all. Trent sniffled, and then he pleaded very quietly.


“Santa, please, I…I don't have any clothes on. Please, I…I want my clothes...”


“Hush, boy,” Santa growled. “Santa likes you that way. You’re a pretty thing. Now, do as Santa says. It's time for your punishment.”


Santa pointed to daddy's big armchair next to the fireplace.


“Bend over the arm of this chair, Trent. Quickly now!”


“Oh, god, oh, Santa, do I...oh!”


Trent was so confused and distraught, but he wanted to be on Santa's good boy list so much.


“Like this Santa?” he said as he struggled to bend his middle over the wide soft arm of the plush chair. As he bent forward, he could just barely keep his toes on the carpet, and he was fearful of pitching forward, with no arms to help him get up or maintain his balance. He bit his lip again to keep from crying out. His disquiet deepened when he saw Santa reach into his big velvet toy bag and remove something before moving behind him where he couldn't see what Santa was doing.


What Santa was doing was admiring the incredibly sexy view of little Trent struggling on the arm of the chair. As Trent squirmed, Santa was afforded a magnificent view of the boy’s little ass mounds and flashes of his little dick and balls. But Santa wanted an even better view of the little boy. Trent choked back a scream when he felt Santa take hold of his right ankle and quickly tie it to the back leg of the big chair. He was trying so hard to be good, but Santa was scaring him now. When Santa grabbed his other ankle, he couldn't stop himself from pleading out loud.


“Please, Santa, no, no, please, I don't like that. Oh, god, Santa, you're stretching my legs too wide. I'm scared Santa! Please!”


But none of Trent’s begging prevented Santa from tying the left ankle to the front chair leg, leaving Trent on his tiptoes with his legs spread wide. The view of Trent’s beautiful young ass was incredible. Santa knew that Trent wouldn't be able to keep from screaming any longer — not with what he had planned for the boy next. Santa enjoyed the boy’s whimpers and pleading immensely, but it was time to fill the boy’s pretty little mouth and prevent any real screaming. Trent’s parents were unlikely to wake up from the sleeping pills they'd gotten with their milk and cookies, but it didn't make sense to take chances. And, if Trent screamed loud enough, the neighbors might even hear him.


Of course, Santa had something he would surely love to push into pretty little Trent's mouth, something throbbing and twitching in his thick red pants, but he knew that wouldn't be enough to keep him quiet. Besides, Trent looked so hot with his arms bound behind his back with bright red Christmas ribbon, and he'd look even hotter with a gag in his mouth. Once again, Santa reached into his voluminous velvet sack.


Trent looked with horror at the thing Santa pulled from his sack. He had no idea what it was, but he instinctively knew he wasn't going to like it. There was lots of bright red leather, and there was a big red plastic ball. Tent squirmed and tugged at his bonds as the feeling of dread and helplessness overwhelmed his innocent mind. When Santa grabbed Trent’s hair and pulled his head back, the scream, he'd been holding back, burst out of him with incredible energy.


The scream was cut short as the big red ball was forced past Trent's lovely lips and pearly little teeth. It filled his mouth fully and forced his jaw uncomfortably wide. Terror swept over his small body as he felt Santa pulling the straps across his face and securing them tightly behind his neck. When he was done, the straps circled under his chin and over his nose, one on each side and another over the top of his head. The gag was pulled deep into his mouth, and he had to breathe carefully through his nose. He thought nothing could be worse, but he was wrong. Santa pulled a piece of ribbon through a ring at the top of Trent's head then looped it back through the ribbons binding his wrists together. When he pulled tight, Trent's head was pulled back, his back arched and he was almost completely immobilized. Trent screamed and screamed into his awful gag, but he could make little noise.


Santa trembled with excitement. Tying up the eight-year-old boy was far more erotic and exhilarating than he had dreamed. He could barely control himself. As he slipped off his white gloves, he leaned in close to whisper into Trent's ear.


“Now, you're all set, Trent. Santa wants you to get back on the good list, but you keep misbehaving. Now, you can't be a bad boy — well, you can't do anything really, can you? Wasn't it nice of Santa to help you?”


“Mmmm,” was all Trent could answer barely shaking his head.


“And now, we can get your punishment out of the way, isn't that wonderful? Are you ready for your punishment, Trent?”


“Mmmm. Mmmm.”




The first strike of Santa's palm across the little round bottom resounded through the quiet house.












Every time Santa's hand came in contact with the smooth, white skin of Trent's perfect little ass he screamed into his gag. It stung horribly. After the first three awful slaps, Santa rested his hand on the boy’s ass rubbing gently at the wounded skin while feeling the heat from his stinging blows. But he didn't stop there. Santa's fingers slipped down between Trent's open stretched legs to find his little hard dickie. Trembling, Santa circled the smooth dick teasingly, and Trent squirmed violently — terrified to have someone, even Santa, groping his private places. As Santa's shaking fingers slowly stroked the tiny dick, Trent finally understood the actual intensity of his vulnerability.




“Oh, Trent,” Santa said, nearly overcome with wicked desire. “You have such a nice little dick, and you're hard. You must like Santa touching you there, you little cock teaser. You do, don't you?”




“Aren't you glad you're going to be back on Santa's good list? We just have to finish your punishment. Are you ready, cock teaser?”




“Good boy. Get ready.”


Santa's hand left Trent's dick and ass cheeks. There was a pause. Trent tensed every muscle in his body in anticipation of more horrible stinging spanking. He screwed his eyes shut tight and moaned with fear into his gag, and so he didn't see Santa reach into his big velvet bag yet again. Trent waited, tensed and terrified, but the blow didn't arrive. Still, he waited, but it didn't come. The waiting was torture.










The sudden pain of the leather lashes flicking across Trent's ass sent him into paroxysms, squirming and fighting against his bondage.








Trent's little balls were on fire as the lashes flicked between his legs.






Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap!


Would it never end? Four dozen lashes covered his back, ass, and thighs. Trent was wheezing through his nose when the terrible lashes ceased. Trent’s whipped body was as red as the pretty ribbons that held him in place. It was a blessed relief for Trent when Santa put his cool hands on the red ass cheeks to soothe the burning. But what was Santa doing with his hands? Santa was spreading him wider, pressing him forward against the chair.


His mind reeled, and tears flowed freely. Surely Santa would let him go now. What more could he do to him? A sense of relief swept through him as he felt Santa quickly untie his ankles from the chair, then lift him off and set him gently on the coffee table. The relief intensified when he untied his arms — although the momentary pain of blood rushing back into his arms as they fell to his sides was terrible. He lay on the hard table like a rag doll as Santa gently rubbed the blood back into his arms. Trent only wished Santa would remove the awful gag from his mouth.


Santa loved the sight of his little conquest, as he lay defeated on the table in front of the cheery fireplace. As Santa ran his hands across Trent’s smooth, perfect skin, he marveled again at how incredibly attractive he found the boy. He was the only boy in the world for him. Just touching his smooth skin was enough to get his cock twitching again in his thick red pants.


Trent shook his head rapidly. What little relief he'd felt was instantly replaced by a new wave of trepidation at Santa's groping fingers. What was Santa going to do to him now? Why was he touching his dick?


'Oh, no!' Trent thought as Santa rolled him over onto his back and started to spread his little legs wide. Trent finally came to life and tried to fight with Santa, but Santa was ready for him. The little boy's thrashing was no match for Santa's strength, and in seconds his right wrist was firmly tied to a leg of the coffee table with the bright red Christmas ribbon Santa was so fond of. The ribbon wrapped tight around his wrist, then the table leg, across to the other table leg and back up to his left wrist. Trent struggled against the terrible ribbons, kicking out and thrashing wildly. But it only took Santa a few seconds to grab his ankles one after another and tie each of them to the two remaining table legs. Little Trent was spread eagled on the table, stretched tight and once again thoroughly helpless. Santa grinned down wickedly past his long white mustache and beard.


“Oh, Trent, you're such a hot little toy,” he said, “Santa's so glad he helped you get back on the good list.”


As he spoke, Santa ignored Trent's muffled pleas for release. Instead, he took up several pillows from the sofa.


“Now, I have another present for you. Are you ready for it? Let's get you ready to enjoy your next present.”


Santa slid his arm under Trent's back and lifted him off the table, straining his arms and legs against the brightly colored ribbons.


“Here we go. This will do just fine.”


He slid two pillows under Trent's lower back. Trent was left with his dick sticking up in the air, his body cruelly stretched and his back arched. And to add to his misery and fright, Santa once again let his fingers play across his stomach and down between his legs playing evilly with his tiny dick. Despite his terror, the little child was still hard!


“I know you'll love your present because I can see how much you want it.”




Trent cried into his gag in horror, even though he didn't understand what Santa was holding. It looked for all the world like a huge candy cane — about four inches long and a quarter-inch thick. He could see Santa's wicked smile as he showed him the big candy cane. Santa massaged Trent’s dick.


The next thing he knew Santa placed the candy at the head of his dick. Trent suddenly got a terrible feeling that he knew what Santa was going to do with the candy, and it didn't involve eating. He tensed all over and strained at his bonds ineffectually. It was so big, but there was no way he could stop Santa from pushing the end of the candy cane inside of him.




Trent screamed into his gag as Santa worked four inches of the terrible thing up his dick, pushing until the curved part pressed hard against his glans. Trent didn't like the big thing inside him — it hurt him. It filled his small dick tube, stretching him painfully.


“There you go, cock teaser. It's a perfect fit. How do you like your first present? Oh, wait, I have to make sure it stays nice and tight. Wouldn't want it to fall out when we turn it on.”


Santa showed him a gold ring he had before he snapped it around Trent’s tiny ball sack and attached thin gold chains to it and a ring atop the hard metal rod. The chain pulled the evil candy cane into Trent’s dick tube fixing it in place. Santa then showed the terrified boy another thin gold chain he had with little gold alligator clips attached. It glittered brightly in the firelight.


“You'll like this part, cock teaser.”


Santa attached the chain through a small ring at the top of the candy cane and fastened one of the alligator clips to Trent's left nipple.




The little boy's eyes went wider with fear as Santa pulled the chain tight so that the second clip would reach his right nipple.




Trent moaned. His little nipples were on fire from the clips and the strain. When Santa switched on the candy cane vibrator, Trent went into hysterics.


“Mmmm! Mmmm! Mmmm!”


He writhed uncontrollably, yanking at his bonds. When he arched his back, the gold chain pulled horribly at his tender nipples.




But the vibrator was driving him insane. He couldn't stop himself from writhing. It sent incredible waves of intense feelings from deep inside of him. And it was stimulating his tiny dick fearsomely! He screamed. He desperately tried to wrench his wrists from the pretty ribbons, desperate to tear away the awful intruder in his dick that was sending intense new sensations coursing out from his tingling dick.


“See, cock teaser, I told you you'd love your present,” Santa crooned. “And you look incredible! I'm so glad that we’re able to get you back on Santa's good list, so delighted.”


It was clear that Trent was getting closer and closer to the first orgasm of his young life. Santa would have truly loved to take the gag out and fill the boy’s little mouth with his raging erection, but he was fearful of the noise the little boy might make. He'd have to settle for something else; something he'd dreamed of for months. Santa untied Trent’s legs and brought them back to his feet rested by his head. Santa fastened the boy’s legs with a red ribbon to the table legs.


Santa had his thick cock out of his bright red pants, and he stroked it madly as he watched the child writhe on the coffee table. Suddenly, Santa was whispering in Trent's ear, leaning over him.


“Oh, Trent, I'm so glad you're a good boy now. You're back on the good list. Now, Santa can give you a present — a special present just for you. Here, Trent here's your present. Do you see your present, cock teaser? I know you're ready for it. I can tell how much you want it.”




Trent tried to shake his head. He wanted to scream, but all that would escape the gag was snivels and whimpers. Trent could see the massive throbbing cock that jutted out from the zipper of Santa’s red pants, under his big fake stomach.


“It's the perfect present for a hot little cock teasing faggot! Your very own magic fuckstick, hot and ready for you. Have you ever seen anything like it?”




Trent had never seen anyone's cock, much less the angry throbbing piece of flesh stabbing at his face. His terror reached new heights.




“And do you know what Santa's going to do with his big hot magic wand, Trent? Do you know where he's going to put it, faggot? Of course, you do! He's going to put it exactly where you want it — after all, it's your special Santa present for Christmas. Where does it go, cock teaser? Tell Santa.”




He was tied up, and Santa was so mean and scary. Trent writhed and moaned as the terrifying candy cane vibrator tormented him and brought him closer and closer to orgasm. He was so confused and frightened. The feelings spreading out from his tiny dick were wonderfully incredible, and something amazing was about to happen, he could feel it! The feeling from his dick was so scary.


“That's right, cock teaser! It goes right here.”


Santa swiped his fingers across the tiny asshole. He poked a finger a the tight opening. He pushed the head of his cock against his face and smeared pre-cum on his cheek and his pretty little lips, all around the ball gag.


‘No! Oh, god, Santa! No! No!’ The turmoil of unarticulated thoughts tumbled in his head.




“Santa's wand goes right inside this hot, wet, ready little virgin boy-cunt. Right where you want it, don't you? Don't you want it bad?”


Santa reached into his magic bag one more time, and then he spread lubricating oil on his enormous cock until it glistened in the firelight. Santa reveled at the sight of the tiny little rosebud.


“Time for your present, faggot,” Santa said as he moved behind the innocent bound child.




Trent screamed into his gag when the head of Santa's thick cock poked at the tiny fuckhole. He finally understood what Santa intended, and he knew his ‘present’ would probably rip him apart. That huge thing couldn't possibly fit inside him!




Santa pushed harder at the unyielding asshole.




‘Oh, god, Santa, please stop! Please!’


Santa pulled back, poised at the entrance to Trent’s unspoiled asshole and then thrust!




Santa's hard cock pushed past the tight ring of little Trent's asshole just as his first orgasm crashed over his fragile body. Trent's cherry ripped away, and Santa moaned with incredible pleasure. The little child was so incredibly tight! He thrust again and again, pulling at his bound hips and slamming into him. Trent screamed nonstop into his gag. Santa was nearly insane with lust. He finally had the little cock tease where he'd dreamed of having him for months and months! And it was even better than he'd imagined. So tight, so warm, so incredibly pleasurable.


He wasted no time plunging deeper and deeper into Trent’s boy-cunt reveling at how tight and warm he was. Amazingly, he was balls deep inside of him, pounding at him with long wet strokes of ecstasy. The full length of his impressive cock disappeared into the little boy with every vicious thrust. And through it all, Trent writhed in orgasmic bliss enjoying the incredible, intense vibrations from the colorful vibrator bound into his dick.




Trent grunted with every massive thrust of Santa's magic wand, no longer capable of screaming. The initial pain of his rape was incredible, but it quickly eased up as Santa got deeper inside and started a fast rhythm of pumping in and out. His boy-cunt was stretched to its limits around the big invader. Eventually, the head of his cock slammed into something deep inside of him with every vicious stroke sending waves a delight through dick.


Trent's mind reeled from the vibrations of the urethral vibrator and the pounding his immature prostate was receiving, as tears flowed down his cheeks, and the drool dripped from his gag.


Again and again, Santa thrust into little Trent's boy-cunt, raping his boy-cunt with abandon. But eventually, Santa was driven over the edge by the fantastic sensations. He felt his balls tighten. He basked in the anticipatory sensations. He thrust even harder, even faster.


Trent’s orgasms continued unabated, driven by the awful vibrator and Santa's onslaught.


Santa wanted to rape little Trent forever. But of course, there was no way to hold back the needs of his body. With a yell of delight, he rammed as far into Trent’s ravished boy-cunt as he possibly could, and then he came, shooting his cum deep into the tight boy-cunt filling the boy’s intestines with his hot seed, humping hard against Trent’s body with each incredible spurt of cum. Again and again, Santa ejaculated into the boy-cunt until he was empty and sated. It felt like he had quarts of cum to pump into the boy’s small body.


Santa collapsed onto Trent's bound body, letting his throbbing cock slowly deflate inside him as he recovered his breath and let his pulse return to normal. The child continued to tremble beneath him, moaning softly and piteously into his large red gag.


What an incredible fuck! Santa panted from the excitement and exertion, reveling in the beautiful afterglow of raping the pretty little boy under his body. But Santa only needed a few seconds to recover. There was so much more he desired and the night was still young!


“Well, Trent,” Santa said as he finally stood and extricated himself from his little conquest. “How did you like your second present? Wasn't it great?”


He loved the sight of his cum dripping out of the boy and running down his ass crack. Santa switched off the candy cane that was still vibrating and then knelt to untie Trent's ankles from the table.


“I sure enjoyed it!” he said.


Battered, humiliated and raped, little Trent was nearly comatose. He whimpered softly into his gag, over and over, “mmm, mmm, mmm.”


Leaning close, Santa whispered to Trent,” Did you like Santa's present, little faggot? Santa liked giving you your present. Did you love it as much as Santa did?”


“Mmm, mmm,” Trent answered weakly shaking his head negatively to indicate his dismay at Santa's awful present.


“I understand, Trent. It's okay, Santa isn't upset. We just need to make sure you enjoy it more the next time, right?”


Trent let Santa’s hands wander over his ass. His hand traced along the child's butt crack and then slipped again between his legs to find Trent’s abused boy-cunt. Santa leered at Trent as he shoved his fingers into Trent’s violated boy-cunt. Removing his fingers to show Trent the shit, cum, and blood coated finger, he wiped his finger across Trent’s nostrils so he could smell the wonderful perfume of his recently raped little boy-cunt. And then Santa reached yet again into his magic bag of fun.


“Santa knows just what to do to make you enjoy it so much more the next time,” he crooned to him.


As Trent's frightening orgasm finally abated, he thought Santa was going to free him. Surely there was nothing else he could do to him! If only he would take off the awful clips on his tender nipples. He whimpered through his gag, hoping against hope.


Santa held up a large dildo. Trent’s eyed the monstrosity fearful of where it would go. Santa shoved the massive dildo in one push into Trent’s battered by-cunt. But Santa wasn't entirely done with his little sex toy. With his arms still bound to the table behind his head, the little beauty could hardly fight him as he stretched his legs out straight and quickly wrapped his ankles with the festive red Christmas ribbon. Another ribbon secured his legs just below the knees, and a third pulled his thighs tight together. Trent's lower half was starting to look like a Christmas present.


Trent twisted, thrashed and pleaded as Santa continued to truss him up, but there was nothing he could do to stop him. He struggled hard when he untied his wrists from the table, but in a flash, he was on the floor in front of the fireplace, on his stomach with his wrists bound together behind his back. More ribbon pulled his elbows back together again, straining his shoulders. Then he felt his feet being pulled up to meet his arms and the next moment he was hog-tied. He was forced to arch his back cruelly, tightening the chain between his little nipples and the candy cane that still filled his hard dick.


Santa was very proud of the way his small captive was trussed up like a Christmas slave, and he finished off his bondage with a ribbon pulling his head back and a huge festive bow. But he wasn't entirely done with the little faggot. Leaving him to struggle on the floor for a moment he went to recover the last piece of his torment. The bound little boy shook his head violently when he saw what Santa carried into the room. Somehow he instinctively knew what he was going to do.




Trent screamed into his gag as Santa lifted his light body and placed him carefully into the nest of tissue paper in the gaily-decorated Christmas box! Every muscle in his body fought against his bonds, but he could barely move at all. He knew it was coming, but still, it shocked him when Santa turned the awful candy cane vibrator and the dildo in his ass back on, and the tingling sensations immediately started him back on the road to the torment of constant orgasm.


“Oh, Trent, you're just the prettiest little Christmas present ever,” Santa said, and he stroked his trembling head and body, enjoying one last grope. “But it's time for Santa to go. I'm sure whoever gets you for Christmas will enjoy playing with you almost as much as I did!”


And then Santa covered the child with another layer of tissue paper.




Trent screamed as everything went dark as Cameron securely fastened to the box with beautiful wide Christmas ribbon. He felt the box moving, and he screamed again. And again. And again.



“Cameron! Cameron! Wake up, wake up! Santa came, Cam, he came!”


Cameron woke groggily as his pretty little brother shook him excitedly.


“Wha..?” he mumbled and then he came awake and sat up.


He glanced at his closet and saw the just visible arm of the Santa suit he'd rented. His dream came flooding back, and he mentally kicked himself for falling asleep and ruining all his plans. If only it had been real! His cock jumped as the dream of raping his gorgeous little brother swirled through his brain.


Trent tugged at Cameron's arm, and Cameron let his little brother pull him towards the living room.


“Cam, Santa told me I was a good boy. A really good boy.”