A Call From the Vatican

Warning: Some may find this story sacrilegious.
(MmBb) (anal, felch, oral, rim, scat, ws) (cbt, humil, sad, tort) (nc, rape)
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A beautifully mellow bell somewhere in the Vatican complex chimed seven as Bishop Manzini crossed the marble floor of the large hallway leading to Cardinal Barcola’s private chambers. The Bishop suspected the general nature of the urgent call to him but, of course, not the specifics as these changed with each request. The floor was slippery, and several times the forty-five-year-old Bishop had to correct his balance. He silently cursed his new Italian loafers. He had stopped to purchase them on an impulse shortly after arriving in Rome late that afternoon. Then he had had a hasty dinner at one of his favorite pasta places and then come directly to the Vatican.

A handsome young priest sat at an ornate desk outside Cardinal Barcola’s private office. He stood up and smiled as he saw Father Manzini approach. The young man beamed as Manzini walked up and took both the younger priest hands in his.

“Welcome back to Rome, Father,” the young priest said effusively.

Manzini looked into the young priest’s sparkling blue eyes, the same eyes as those of his father, Cardinal Barcola.

“Ah, Francesco, you get more handsome each time I visit. What secret potion do you swallow to attain such beauty?”

The young priest laughed.

“I work out three days a week at the gym. I also swim. And I indulge in getting a massage several times a week. The rest was a gift from God.”

Bishop Manzini looked deeply into the eyes of the amazingly handsome young priest.

“And that’s not all. Perhaps you swallow the elixir of teenage boys several times a day?” The young priest blushed. A pale rose color spread across his handsome white face. “I fucked you countless times. You’ve called me uncle ever since you first sucked my dick when you were nine.”

The handsome young priest broke out laughing, the sound filling the enormous, empty chamber. Then he leaned up and kissed the older priest on the mouth. Bishop Manzini opened his lips to accept the tongue of the young priest. The two men stood there swapping spit, and Bishop Manzini felt the large cock of the younger priest pushing against him through their robes.

“Will we have a chance to be together while you are here, Bishop?” Francesco asked, pulling out of the kiss and looking up at the taller man.

“Come, come, you have no need for the dick of an older priest. You have all the fresh young cock you can handle with all those altar boys and seminary students. And then, of course, the Vatican Guard. With your good looks, there’s no shortage of fuck.”

Francesco’s became very serious.

“You know I would give up all of that in an instant to come live with you in America. Besides, Father keeps a tight rein on me. He is terrified, of course, considering his position, that someone will find out I’m his son.”

“The world thinks you are a foundling raised by the loving Cardinal. It shall remain so. How is the old bugger?”

Francesco chuckled.

“As randy as ever; he’s waiting for you. He said to send you right in.”

Bishop Manzini nodded and moved passed the young priest to the large intricately carved oaken door. Young Father Francesco grabbed the older man by the sleeve.

“Seriously, Gorgio, my ass will be waiting for your call. And you remember what a good cocksucker I am.”

Bishop Manzini smiled fondly at the young priest.

“The very best; I’ve never had better. Let me get settled here and find out my schedule, and then I’ll call you, I promise.”

Francesco’s eyes had a slight sadness in them.

“I’m better than those thirteen-year-olds you favor. I can make you feel better.”
Bishop Manzini put his hand to the young priest’s cheek.
“Sweet boy, there is no question of your skill. You’re never far out of mind.”
Then Bishop Manzini opened the door and entered the opulent private chambers of Cardinal Barcola.
The Cardinal was in his seventies, but he was still a hearty, healthy man. His skin, although somewhat leathery-looking, had a golden tan from hours in the sun. His hair was a mane of silver, and his blue eyes twinkled. He was seated in a large antique chair of red and gold. He wore a flowing white robe and a beautiful silver cross with jewels adorned his chest. One of the many things that attracted Cardinal Barcola to the church was the opulence. Bishop Manzini folded his hands and stood silently, taking in the glowing grandeur of Cardinal Barcola in his gilt chair.
“You are as magnificent as ever, Cardinal.”
Bishop Manzini laughed, but the Cardinal only grunted in return. He raised one hand, and a finger gestured for Manzini to wait just a moment. Then he grunted again and twisted in his chair. His eyes rolled up in his head, and he made a whistling noise.
“Oh, fuck…that’s it…that’s it…swallow…swallow every bit, you fucking bitch!” he yelled, his voice bouncing off the walls covered with portraits of church officials who looked down on him. “Suck it. Suck it and swallow, you fucking piece of shit!”
Bishop Manzini looked around but verified that the two men were alone in the room. Then he saw something moving under the Cardinal’s white cassock. He also heard the sound of slurping and coughing.
“Don’t you spill a fucking drop or, I swear to Christ, I will whip your ass until it is nothing but a bloody pulp.”
His hand went down to press on the rising and falling lump between his legs. The old man arched his back and threw his silver mane of hair, and then, after a moment, relaxed. A serene smile replaced the suffering look of a moment before.
“Good, very good, you did a good job. You’ll get better, but that was very good.”
And out from under his robe crawled a naked boy of no more than five or six years of age. The child looked like a cherub from a Renaissance painting. His little body was perfectly proportioned, and he had a head of soft, golden hair. His face was beautiful, and his lips were covered with sperm. Jutting from his smooth hairless groin was an erect half-inch pricklet. As the boy climbed to his feet, he saw Bishop Manzini, and he looked shyly at the floor. He stood there naked, staring at his little pink toes, hands at his side like a little soldier, a little soldier of the Lord.
The Cardinal reached out and ruffled the boy’s head of hair. Then his hand slid down, and he cupped the boy’s tiny ass globes in one hand. He slid a finger up between the little boy’s ass cheeks and probed the tiny baby asshole.
“Say hello to Bishop Manzini,” he whispered as if cueing the cherub.
“Good evening, Bishop Manzini,” the angel said in the high beautiful voice of a choirboy.
“This is Angelo, he sings in the Vatican Children’s Choir. He was fucked for the first time two nights ago, and his tiny ass is still a bit sore, isn’t that right, Angelo?”
The Cardinal worked his finger deeper into the tiny ass. Bishop Manzini felt his dick growing harder under his robes.
“And you’re the one who fucked him, of course.”
“Of course! They don’t get into the children’s choir unless I fuck them.”
“And how many boys are in the children’s choir at present?”
Cardinal Barcola let forth with a hearty bellow.”
“Ha! Over forty, at last count.”
“Cardinal, you are incorrigible.”
The old man in the chair tilted the soft small face of the darling boy up to look into his eyes.
“Go wash, my darling. Bishop Manzini is a good friend of mine, and he may want to fuck your ass later tonight.”
“But Father, my ass is still hurting from your big cock. It hurts very much.” The boy’s voice was like a flute.
“That’s something you’ll have to get used to, my dear. There are many bishops and cardinals here who will want to fuck your sweet little boy pussy, and many of them have dicks larger than mine. In time, your tiny ass will accommodate, and the pain will lessen. Until then, you just have to suffer as Jesus suffered. No, go wash!”
Cardinal Barcola smiled and patted the boy on the head and withdrew his finger from the tiny ass. The little boy began to pad on bare feet toward the other end of the room.
“Ah, ah, ah, ah! Aren’t we forgetting something?” the Cardinal said, just the slightest note of sternness in his voice.
The boy turned with a confused look. Then suddenly, he remembered.
“Sorry, sir,” he said in his piping treble.
Then the bare-ass naked boy fell to his hands and knees and proceeded to crawl from the room.
“If you start them young, they belong to the church all their lives. All of this nonsense of priests being brought up on molestation charges stems from the fact that the boys are already too old when the priests fuck them. They develop ideas of their own. They look upon sucking and fucking as a bad thing because of what they hear and see on the media and so forth. Start out a boy at four or five, and he will be no problem.”
“With all due respect, Cardinal, some of us prefer our sucking and fucking with boys a little older.”
Manzini walked to his friend who rose from his chair and the two men embraced.
“True, but the boys can be initiated at a younger age and then passed along to others as they grow older. Let’s face it. We know which priests favor eleven-year-olds, and which prefer thirteen-year-olds. We could work out a very efficient system so that by the time a boy reaches fifteen or sixteen, he is too fucked up to ever report any abuse. He will be convinced that any sin committed was his own fault. That he is the evil one. This is not difficult to do with the proper techniques. We have taught classes in this, but many priests just don’t seem to get it. If you show a boy that you are guilty and afraid, he will someday use your own fear and guilt against you.”
“Well, my dear friend, that’s an issue that will not be settled tonight.”
“Yes, and meanwhile, we’re losing millions each year in lawsuits. Please, take a chair. How was your flight?
“Pietro, some wine.”
“My flight was fine.”
From out of the shadows appeared a slender beautiful dark haired boy of twelve or thirteen carrying a wine carafe. The boy was entirely naked but had a long light cloth draped over his body, giving him the image of a young Ancient Roman slave, or perhaps a Greek God. The fabric was draped over one shoulder and hung across the boy’s pale white body so that one nickel sized brown nipple showed on the smooth boyish chest. The way it moved and swung gave only glimpses of the child’s penis and scrotum—tantalizing glimpses for sure.
“Who is this?”
“This is Pietro, one of my serving boys. He also sings in the choir, but alas, his balls have just dropped, and his voice is changing.” The Cardinal lifted the cloth to give Manzini a better look at the boy’s dangling cock and scrotum. “That’s right, I forgot, you prefer boys who have just entered puberty. I’ll send Pietro to your bed with you tonight. He’s a wonderful fuck. His cunt muscles milk a prick to ejaculation, don’t they Pietro?”
“I do my best, Father!” the boy said.
“All this father business, just to be clear, he’s not also your—”
Cardinal Barcola roared with laughter.
“Goodness no, I’m no longer such a stallion.”
The boy poured a glass of wine for Bishop Manzini, who allowed his hand to stroke the child’s pale, silken flesh.
“Go on, feel his nuggets. As I say, they’ve just dropped.”
Bishop Manzini allowed his hand to cup the boy’s dangling balls. The sack was softer than velvet, and the nuts inside like grapes.
“Would you like me to fuck you tonight?” Bishop Manzini asked the teenage boy.
“Yes, Father, if the Cardinal allows it.”
The boy had dark hair and large, flirting eyes. Cardinal Barcola barked out a rough laugh.
“The Cardinal approves. Bishop Manzini is a mean fucker with a very thick cock, and he will make you squirm. You’ll be walking with wobbly legs for the next week I guarantee it. But now down to business. This is rather urgent, I’m afraid, and demands your full attention, Bishop.”
“I sensed the urgency in your call.”
Cardinal Barcola sighed and folded his hands in his lap. He wearily shook his head.
“It’s the Holy Father, I’m afraid. He wants a special entertainment for the Easter celebration. I don’t know where to begin.”
“What’s the problem?”
Bishop Manzini leaned in to seem more interested than he was. His hand lingered on the perfect ass cheek of the young boy standing next to him.
“The problem is that he gets more and more specific—and more and more perverted—in his demands. I have bountiful connections all over the world but still cannot supply his very special needs. Quite frankly, I want you to assist me. I want you to take a more active part in the acquisition of the Vatican’s carnal demands.” The Cardinal looked weary. His eyes became clouded, and the lids a bit heavy. “I just can’t handle it all anymore.”
“What about Francesco. He seems a perfect candidate to assist you.”
“Oh, he does already, but he is so very young. He does not have the connections you, and I do. He doesn’t even know the right questions to ask. None of that matters now. What matters is I have less than two weeks to provide the requested entertainment for the Easter celebration. I need your expertise. I also need you to do the legwork for me. You are strong and healthy and still young.”
“What is the Holy Father request?”
“Well, as you know, his Holy fucker doesn’t respond much anymore. Francesco tried to suck him off last week, and it took over an hour to get anywhere. He does respond to pornography, however. He likes to watch violent acts of sex. Then his Holy dick does indeed still grow stiff and spit sacred jism, but it seems to take something more extreme to get him off each time.”
Bishop Manzini tilted his head and smiled. Pietro, standing next to him, caught his eyes and winked.
“I repeat. What is his request.”
“He wants to watch a fucking. He wants to watch a young priest fuck a boy.”
“The simplest of requests; there must be a catch.”
Cardinal Barcola shifted in his chair.
“Oh, there is. Believe me. Here’re the details of what the Holy Father wants to see. The priest must be very young and handsome, only a year or two out of the seminary, no more. And he must have an enormous dick. The Holy Father said it must be over ten inches in length and the thickness of a beer can. I can’t go around the world measuring the cocks of young priests. How will we ever find the proper candidate? And not only that, but he must be a very rough and cruel fucker. The Holy Father wants to witness a violent rape. He wants the boy whipped with a belt. He wants the boy burned with candle wax. And he wants the over ten-inch dick to go balls deep into both the boy’s mouth and virgin asshole. He also wants the young priest to piss and shit on the boy. We need to find the right priest who will do all of this, and we have two weeks to do it.”
Bishop Manzini frowned.
“What about the boy? Who will he be?”
“Well, the Holy Father wants a Jew or Arab boy of eight or nine years of age. He wants the theme of Christian dominance and the spreading of Christianity in the heathen world to be a theme of the celebration. We have several prospects of boys from various orphanages throughout the Middle East. Of course, the child must be beautiful as well as totally innocent. I don’t think the boy will be a problem. We will take naked photos of the candidates and submit them to the Holy Father for approval. Then he will personally check out the ass of the boy he finally selects.
“I dare say, the ass of the boy is not as important as the personality and attitude of the boy. The Pope will want a delicate and sensitive boy who is filled with fear. He really gets off on fear in young boys. He’ll spend the night before the celebration with the boy, playing with the child’s tits, dick, and ass, but not penetrating him in any way, not that he could anymore. He’ll simply molest and disturb the child with stories of what is going to happen to him. He’ll also want to meet the young priest we select. He’ll want to masturbate the priest to full erection to test the strength and power of his prick. He must approve. If he does not, we’re fucked! So we have to make sure the young priest we pick is perfect. He must have big, full balls as well as a horse cock. The Holy Father loves large scrotums on young men. So tell me, where and how do we begin?”
Bishop Manzini chewed his lip for a moment.
“I don’t suppose one of the Swiss Guards would do. Many of them are hung like horses, and they are often quite handsome.”
“No, it has to be a priest, a recently ordained priest.”
“Well, I guess the first thing to do would be to contact the heads of various seminaries around the world and ask for photos of recently ordained priests who are well hung. Chances are most of the priests teaching in the seminaries have fucked the students, so it should not be difficult to get a list at least of which young men have the largest dicks. And a cock of over ten inches on a young man of eighteen or nineteen would certainly be remembered. We need to start there and then hunt down the priests who qualify and then interview them to make sure they have the ‘proper attitude’ about boy fucking. Difficult to believe, but some priests take their celibacy seriously.”
“Poles and Russians often have large dicks. Perhaps we should start with Eastern European seminaries. Oh, not only must the dick be huge, but it must also be perfectly shaped. The Holy Father may want to suck on it. He even gets testy if one of the balls hangs lower than the other ball. He gets harder and harder to please every day. Last week he was watching two young Italian boys fuck each other, and he suddenly called a halt to the whole thing and threw the boys out. When I asked him what was wrong, he said the fifteen-year-old wasn’t fucking the thirteen-year-old hard enough, that his dick was not going in balls deep on every thrust. These were boys who had never fucked before. They didn’t even know how to fuck. He had requested total virgins with no sexual experience, and then he carps because one is not deep enough in the other’s rectum. What am I to do?”
Bishop Manzini gave a tight-lipped sympathetic smile to his older friend. They had been through so much together.
“Your job, my dear friend, you do your job. You serve the Holy Father in every way you can. He is God’s agent here on earth, and his every whim must be attended to with care. I will get on the phone tonight to begin the search for our horse-hung priest with the perfect prick. Might I ask that young Pietro here attend to me while I work late into the night?”
“Yes, yes, of course, but I make you a deal. Until you have found me at least four candidates, no anal penetration. He may suck you, but you may not fuck his ass until you have achieved a measure of success. How’s that for a deal, my friend?”
“You always drive a hard bargain. Done.”
He slapped Pietro on the naked ass globes, and the boy giggled.
“But I warn you, you’re missing out on some great pussy if you don’t sample little Angelo’s ass while you are here. You cannot believe an asshole that tiny can stretch so much.”
“Thank you, my friend, but he is a bit young for my taste. I have an idea, though. Your son Francesco seemed a bit down just now. Why not let him sample Angelo’s boy-cunt?”
“Ha, you know my son. He prefers Daddy Dick. He likes older men with huge fuckers to really work him over. Baby pussy is not for him.”
“Exactly why I suggested it. Perhaps a change of pace for him. There’s a chance that if he fucked little boy pussy, it might open new doors for him. He’s a wonderful bottom, but he might also prove an outstanding top with the right boy ass. Why not send Angelo to him and have the little shit beg Francesco to fuck his baby ass? He could beg him to fuck him really hard until he hurts and bleeds. That might just get Francesco’s interest. It couldn’t hurt to try.”
Cardinal Barcola slapped his thighs.
“You’re right. He works too hard and is an excellent son in every way and an exceptional cocksucker. He sucked me so well last week that I thought he would turn my dick inside out. And he has enjoyed assisting me in giving the choirboys enemas, so there might be some latent interest there. I’ll do it.”
“Oh, and one more thing, might I have a look at your choirboys while I am here?”
“You can have more than a look, but only after you complete your task. I’ll take you to the choirboys’ dorm. They sleep naked two to a cot. There are special rehearsals where they sing bare-ass naked with their dicks hard and dripping. They are my personal Vatican treasure.”
Bishop Manzini stood. He took young Pietro by the back of the head and pressed the boy’s face into his crotch. He could feel the child’s mouth working to find his dick through the cloth of the cassock.
“Well, to work then. I must confess that I may have to take out my frustrations on young Pietro here while looking for our big dicked priest. I may have to take a belt to his ass or even to his newly dropped scrotum.”
Cardinal Barcola raised a ringed hand.
“Whatever it takes, I want good news by morning. Oh, and let’s fly any potential candidates out here. We might be able to have our own fun with those big dicked young priests.”