A Call From a Fan

(Mb) (anal, oral, rim, ws) (inc)

Boy: Hello, is this dale10?

dale10: That depends. Who wants to know?
Boy: Oh...I'm sorry. Is this Mr. Dale10 that my daddy told me to call?
dale10: Who is this?
Boy: This is Marky. Marky Peterson. My daddy told me to call you. He said you’ll know who I am.
dale10: Oh, yes, Marky. I’ve been expecting your call. You’re a very lucky boy to have such a wonderful daddy. Do you know that?
Boy: Yes, sir.
dale10: And how nice and polite you are. Who taught you to be so nice and polite?
Boy: My daddy, sir. If I don’t be polite, he punishes me.
dale10: That's what a loving daddy does. He teaches his son how to be a good little boy. You are very lucky. How old are you, Marky, I forget.
Boy: I’m five.
dale10: Five. That's great. Do you go to school?
Boy: My daddy says I don’t gotta go to school. He says he’ll teach me all I need to know at home. He says I am gonna be a faggot boy and faggot boys only gotta learn special things.
dale10: Your daddy is absolutely right. He seems like a very smart man. You must love him very much.
Boy: I guess. Except when he hurts me. He says he has to hurt me to make his dick hard. He says it’s my job to get his dick hard and sometimes he just has to hurt me to make him feel good.
dale10: Well, he’s so good to you, that’s the least you can do for him, Marky. What kinds of things does he do to you to hurt you to make his dick feel good?
Boy: He pinches my titties. He sticks his fingers and things up my asshole. He burns my dick. He puts pins in my sack. All kinds of things.
dale10: All those nice words you use, just like a big boy. Who taught you to use all those nice words, your daddy?
Boy: My daddy and his friends. My daddy is taking a picture of me talking to you on the phone. He says he will send it to you cause you write such beautiful stories. My daddy reads your stories to me at bedtime.
dale10: And tell me, Marky, do you like my stories?
Boy: Ugh…huh...‘cept in the part where you hurt little boys like me. That makes me scared.
dale10: But you know that sometimes nice men just have to hurt little boys like you to give them good feelings in their dicks. You have to trust your daddy and his friends. They know what’s best for you.Are you nice and naked for the picture that your daddy is taking?
Boy: Yes, sir. I’m naked in the house all the time. I got no clothes ‘cept one pair of shorts and one shirt that I wear to the mall.
dale10: Tell me, Marky. What do you do for fun?
Boy: For fun? (long pause) Well, I play with my dick all the time. My daddy says I gotta play with my dick all the time. If he catches me and I am not playing with my dick, then he hurts me.
dale10: Well, you just be a good boy then, and play with your dick all the time, okay?
Boy: Yes, sir! My daddy and his friends like to see it when it gets real stiff.
dale10: That's the way you should keep it all the time. That would make your daddy so happy.
Boy: But I can't keep it that way all the time.
dale10: You could try.
Boy: It’s gotta get soft when I pee in my bottle.
dale10: You pee in a bottle?
Boy: Yeah, I got a bottle I have to pee in. I ain’t allowed to use the toilet.
dale10: Right. A little boy like you shouldn’t be allowed to use the toilet. So you pee in the bottle. Then what?
Boy: When daddy has his friends over, I gotta drink my pee out of the bottle.
dale10: How does that taste?
Boy: At first, it was icky, but now it’s not so bad. It doesn’t taste as strong as daddy’s pee and the pee of his friends.
dale10: Do you drink their pee from a bottle too?
Boy: No. I drink their pee right from their dicks.
dale10: Good boy. What a good five-year-old boy you are. And how does their pee taste?

Boy: Sometimes it is too strong and really yellow. Sometimes not so bad.
dale10: How often do you drink your daddy’s pee?
Boy: Three or four times a day.
dale10: You said you can’t use the toilet. Tell me, where do you poop?
Boy: I poop in my litter box.
dale10: You have your own litter box. How lucky you are.
Boy: Yeah, I guess.
dale10: What else do you do to make your daddy happy?
Boy: I suck the dicks of him and all his friends.
dale10: Wow, are you lucky. Usually only older boys get to suck dick.
Boy: Yeah, I guess. Sometimes they hurt my mouth and throat though.
dale10: But didn’t we say that it’s okay to hurt you if it makes your daddy happy?
Boy: Yeah, I guess.
dale10: Does your daddy shove his dick way down your throat?
Boy: Yeah, sometimes.
dale10: Does your daddy have a very big dick?
Boy: Yeah…I guess…but not as big as some of his friends.
dale10: Do they shove their dicks down your throat too?
Boy: Yeah…sometimes…sometimes I just lick or suck the heads.
dale10: Sure. There are all kinds of different ways to have fun with cocks. I bet you lick their balls real good too, don’t you?
Boy: Yes.
dale10: And do you ever lick and suck on their asses?
Boy: Yes, but I don’t like it when their asses are dirty.
dale10: That’s okay. It gives them pleasure to have you suck their dirty asses.
Boy: Yeah…I guess.
dale10: Are you playing with your dick now, while you talk to me?
Boy: Ugh…huh.
dale10: Is it hard and stiff?
Boy: Not really.
dale10: Well, get it nice and hard for me. Tell me, Marky, how often do you suck your daddy’s dick.
Boy: Every day.
dale10: Once a day or more often?
Boy: Two or three times a day. And then I have to suck his friends.
dale10: Well tell me, how many dicks do you usually suck in one day?
Boy: Fifteen or so.
dale10: Your daddy has lots of friends, doesn’t he?
Boy: Ugh…huh. They give my daddy money to have me suck them.
dale10: So many nice big dicks. And do you swallow the juice from the dicks? The cum?
Boy: Yeah…‘cept when they want to cum on my face.
dale10: Sure, men like to shoot on little boy’s faces sometimes. Tell me, Marky, are there any other special games your daddy plays with you?
Boy: Yeah, all kinds. Sometimes he makes me suck Reggie’s dick.
dale10: Who’s Reggie?
Boy: My dog.
dale10: That sounds like lots of fun. Do you like Reggie?
Boy: Yeah, he’s my best friend.
dale10: Well then, it’s okay to suck his dick, isn’t it?
Boy: Yeah, I guess.
dale10: Sure it is. How often do you suck Reggie’s doggy dick?
Boy: I don’t know, five or six times a week. Daddy will just say “do Reggie” and then I gotta do him, but I don’t like it when daddy’s friends bring over their dogs for me to suck. I get scared of some of them.
dale10: But you’re a good boy and you do a real good job sucking all the dog dicks, don’t you?
Boy: Yes, sir.
dale10: That’s good. Tell me, does your daddy fuck your butt?
Boy: He sticks his fingers and stuff like pickles up my butthole for fun, but he says he won’t fuck me until I am older. Until I’m six.
dale10: Well, your daddy knows best. But you have seen videos and pictures of boys getting fucked.
Boy: Sure.
dale10: Doesn’t it look like fun?
Boy: In the videos the boys are really getting hurt. It looks so painful.
dale10: It is very, very painful, at first, but it’ll make your daddy so happy. You want to make your daddy happy, don’t you?
Boy: Ugh…huh. Will all his friends fuck me too?
dale10: I can’t speak for your dad, but I’m sure they will. I mean, your dad’ll want to share your sweet little ass with all his friends, won’t he?
Boy: I guess…that scares me.
dale10: I’m sure it does, thinking of all those big fat dicks fucking up into your tight little six-year-old asshole. That’ll really be something. Marky, are you crying?
Boy: Just a little. Sometimes I can’t help it.
dale10: And how does your daddy feel about you crying?
Boy: He says it’s sexy. He likes to see me cry.
dale10: I bet it is. Keep playing with yourself.
Boy: I am.
dale10: Tell me, Marky, have you ever drunk Reggie’s pee?
Boy: Oh no, that’s icky.
dale10: Here’s what I want you to do. After you get off the phone with me, I want you to beg your daddy to let you drink Reggie’s pee.
Boy: Do I gotta?
dale10: Yes, you have to. I’ll ask your daddy, so make sure you do it.
Boy: Okay.
dale10: I have to go now, but you make sure to telephone me again and let me know how things are going, okay?
Boy: Okay.
dale10: And you be a good boy and do everything your daddy tells you to do.
Boy: Yes, sir.
dale10: And you suck cock real good, do you hear?
Boy: Yes, sir.
dale10: That's a real good boy, Marky. Thank you for calling me. Goodbye.
Boy: Goodbye.