A Boy's First Time

(MB) (anal, oral, ws) (cbt) (nc)

A boy’s first time is special. It should be something he will always remember. He should carry the feeling of his first time with him for a long time after the event. It should be stamped in his young, still developing mind forever.

Ah, the sweet romance of his very first time, even if he has to be restrained a bit because of his nervous reluctance. Of course, he is jittery. His young heart is pounding with the thrill he is about to experience. Because the first time is so special, his “date” is not going to use any lube other than spit—and, of course, no condom. We do not want to ruin the feeling for either the boy or his “date.” The boy does not even know the man’s real name, and the man also can’t remember the boy’s name, but that doesn’t mean that this first time will not always live in the boy’s very guts and mind and heart. It may shape him for life.

Of course, when the boy went with the man, he never suspected his date would end like this. He thought he was going to play some cool new video game. Indeed, he did get to play the game for a few minutes until the man was ready for a different kind of fun. The man is not too thick or long so the boy will not experience extraordinary pain, only the natural, expected discomfort of being opened up at both ends for the very first time.

And the man has an exceptional treat in store for the boy’s first time. After he finishes doing the boy twice, he will call some of his friends and have them over for a little party. That way, the boy’s first time will be extraordinary. The man invited one friend over for every year of the boy’s age. I am sure that most of the twelve guys will be able to indulge the boy two or even three times. So the boy’s first time will last long into the night. The man made certain the boy told his parents he was sleeping over at a friend’s house so that his First Time Party will not be interrupted or cut short, so they can take a long time with the boy to pamper him.

By the boy’s fifth or sixth time, they will no longer need the restraints. He will be like a limp rag doll, which they will enjoy twisting into all kinds of fun positions. I am sure they will use both ends at once sometimes.

The boy will be introduced to the delightful elixir that only comes with these particular private acts. He will get to taste the very special juice that a man can share with a special boy. Some of the men have plans to introduce the boy to a second liquid from the same source, but that will come later in the party when they take a break from the primary activity to recoup their energy. They will drink lots and lots of beer, and the boy will be able to drink beer like a grown-up, except he will drink it second hand. That too will be something the boy will never forget. The various things he will taste will stay in his mouth for a long, long time. Months from now, at school say, the boy will suddenly remember the tastes he enjoyed at his First Time Party.

Looking at this boy, you can see why he was chosen for this First Time Party. He flawless. He is so soft and young and innocent and beautiful. His milky skin is so soft and smooth, and his legs and feet are so delightfully cute, and his face is adorable with his full lips, and a lovely pug nose that will make a perfect seat for someone to sit on. He is like a perfect flower just waiting to be plucked. And plucked he will be.

The boy’s “date” felt a little sad at first because he only has seven inches to offer the boy for his first time. The man wished he could provide the boy with nine or ten inches for his first time, but he will make up for it by going hard and deep, so the boy gets a breathtaking thrill that only the first time can offer. The man is reasonably thick so the boy will enjoy that unique pleasure. And some of the guests invited over later in the day will sport nine, ten and even eleven inches, so the boy is sure to enjoy that.

Did I mention that the boy will also get to enjoy the incredible pleasure of licking? He will be invited to taste various parts of the party guest’s bodies. Oh yes, his young tongue will be kept busy. He will lick pits and pouches and cracks and crevasses. He will be encouraged to slurp with enthusiasm. Because he is a talented boy, I am sure he will get the hang of it quickly. He will learn that his young tongue is expected to probe deeply and thoroughly.

If the boy needs some encouragement, the man has various methods to “spark” his performances.

Because the boy’s “date” likes his young friends to be smooth and hairless, the unsightly hair he finds sprouting above the boy’s genitals and on his young ball sack will be plucked out. There are not that many yet, and the boy looks so much better smooth.

The boy will be amazed at how certain apertures on his body can expand and open up. The party guests will have a bit of fun with the boy seeing what kinds of other objects can fit in the newly opened hole. Of course, it will become elastically stretched during the party. Who would have thought a boy could be so stretched and opened up?

Particular attention will also be paid to the boy’s developing genitals. After all, the men at the party know something that the boy does not. That certain kinds of stimulation and even certain kinds of beatings can cause the lower regions of a lad’s body to grow larger, and what boy does not wants to be more prominent down there. For example, lightly, but sternly, tapping a boy’s nuts will cause them to swell and grow larger. Sometimes, pulling on and even yanking on a boy’s penile gland will help it to develop. Of course, much laughter and fun will be made of the still rather small size of the boy’s sex organ. They will measure it and take photos of it. They will tease the boy that he is so very much smaller than other boys of his age. They will tell him that his penis is more like a girl’s clit than a male cock. All in good fun, of course.

Oh, did I mention that since the partygoers want the boy’s first time to concentrate mostly on his newly opened boy-cunt, they want him to be able to focus on that. After the boy’s date has initially taken his virginity, the boy will be masturbated to climax six times before further anal penetration commences. This will drain the boy so that his mind can concentrate on what is happening to his newly formed cunt and what is going in and out of his freshly created face pussy. We wouldn’t want any distractions. Later in the day, he will be masturbated to climax a further four times. By that time, he will be burping up loads of deposits put into his mouth and tummy by the guests.

The boy’s pisshole will also be enlarged with a thick steel rod. We wouldn’t want to neglect that part of a boy’s body for his First Time Party. The kid’s young body will be twitching and shaking so much, they will have to hold him down for a while.

When the boy gets thirsty from all the fun activity, I mentioned that the men would offer him their precious body liquids. They will also teach the boy to appreciate the wonders of saliva and snot. Several of the men present have severe colds and are in discomfort. They will blow their stuffed noses in the boy’s mouth.

Yes, it will be something the boy will never forget. Something he will never tell anyone about, but it will swim in his mind day and night for years to come. And oh yes, just to keep the boy on edge, the man told the boy that they will be watching him. They want him to be a good boy. If he ever, ever tries to date a girl or even ask one out on a date, they will pick him up again and have another party. They want our special boy to stay pure and enjoy his memories of his FIRST TIME.