A Boy and His Dog

(B) (humil) (beast)

Some of you remain skeptics of the stories and adventures I share with you so I would like to share with you fifteen-year-old Aston Kellogg. Aston is a very bright boy who loves to read, especially my really sick and pervy stories. He sent me a fan letter a while ago, showing interest in becoming a fucking cock hole dick slut. I think the boy has the potential. However, he is fifteen already, so he is starting late. A boy like Aston should have started dick sucking at about twelve years of age. That way, by fifteen, he could already be sucking off all the jocks at his school on a daily basis. This is what he really needs and what he actually wants. However, Aston needs a little push. Aston is shy. He has never sucked a dick, never had a cock up his cute young ass and, of course, never fucked a boy or girl. Aston has a nice big, full and hefty dick for his age. He not only has a nice big boy dick and a good set of nuts on him but an exceptional ass as well. He has cute cocksucker lips, but as I say, he has gotten a late start.

So when I started to quiz Aston, I found out that the most he does are to beat his boy meat three or four times a day while reading my stories and dreaming of doing things. He did confide in me that he walks around the house bare-assed while jerking when his parents are not home. He is too scared to go out and look for cock.
I asked him about reading other erotic stories like about dudes fucking girls, but he said he prefers my stuff where boys are made to do nasty things. That is a good sign, is it not? I mean, at least Aston is on the right path. But fifteen already and never had a dick in his mouth is not good.
The area where Aston lives has a large African-American population, and I think Aston should be spending his weekends sucking on big fat juicy nigger dick. I am sure many black teenagers in the area would be more than happy to dump their cock snot loads down Aston’s throat. He says there are lots of black boys at his school. Think of all the black cock he is missing out on.
I needed to help this fifteen-year-old somehow, so I asked him if he wanted my teaching and my help, and he practically begged me. He said he loved my stories so, no doubt, just a bit that means he worshipped me. However, I was unable to make a trip to where the boy slut wannabe lived, otherwise I would have been happy to dick him myself. I would have enjoyed being the first load of sperm on the boy’s tongue. I could imagine doing all sorts of fun things to his fifteen-year-old body, but I had to have long distance fun instead.
The first thing I taught him was that he had to prove to me that I could trust him. So, he had to send me a series of videos and pics of him jerking off his beautiful fifteen-year-old dick. Naturally, he was shy about doing this, and it took some coaxing. I even stopped communicating with him for a week until he got really needy for my attention. After all, he had no one else to confide in.
Next, I made him jerk off into his hand and then lick it up so he could taste cum. Many of you have heard about my work with boys in this area, and you pretty much know the routine. Eight or nine of you have even started out as boys I played with over the internet. You tasted spooge for the first time under my direction.
So I had Aston—or Asshole as I would call him just for fun—jerking off for me, eating his cum, eventually pissing in a glass and drinking it, and shoving things up his fifteen-year-old asshole. But the dumb fuckwad was just too scared to go out and actually suck dick. He comes from a quite conservative family. He has a few friends, but he is basically a quiet, timid boy.
I would make him go into the boys’ locker room to look at the nigger dick and then tell me about it in full reports. Which nigger teen had the longest, thickest dick and the biggest balls, that kind of thing. The little bitch really got into it. He is a true cock whore in the making but just too scared to move forward. While Aston masturbated as we video-chatted, I would say things like, “Imagine how delicious Leroy’s big black dick would taste. Imagine how juicy it is and all that delicious black boy dick leak!”
In the course of our chats, I found out Aston had a dog. WELL, THAT WAS CERTAINLY A REVELATION, A NICE BIG MALE GERMAN SHEPHERD WITH A NICE BIG DOG DICK. So, I told Aston that he had to prove himself to me, or I could no longer be his friend. I said I was sorry, but he just was not measuring up. He was hysterical and frantic. He promised to do whatever I asked.
It was simple. He could prove himself to me by sucking his dog’s dick and fucking his dog in the ass! Aston’s first cock was to be a dog dick, and his first fuck was to fuck a dog’s asshole! He fought me on this for weeks to the point that I cut off all contact with him. When I did write, it was to tell him that this was for his own good. If he really loved my stories and wanted that kind of lifestyle, no more putting it off, he had to start now. If he was too scared to suck dude dick, then he had better begin with dog dick!
Well, I am happy to report that Aston came through for me. He needs my friendship and counsel so desperately that he will literally do anything for me. In just a few weeks when school starts, he will be sucking lots of black teen dick. I will make sure of that.
At fifteen his dreams are about to come true because you see, I now have leverage. I can send his schoolmates pics of him jerking off and sticking things up his teen ass, and even more persuasive are the photos and videos of him fucking and sucking his own dog! Think how popular that will make him at school. However, coming along as nicely as he is, I may not need the leverage.
I have him sucking the dog’s dick every day, sometimes twice a day (the dog, by the way, likes it very much). And I am now shifting him from fucking the dog in the ass (which the dog does not like) to taking the dog dick up his own ass (which the dog will love). After all, a boy like Aston should not be a dog fucker but a dog’s bitch, right? I have also had him jerk the dog off into a glass and then drink the dog’s cock slop. And I have had him lick up dog piss. I made him describe to me in detail in an email how dog cock tastes. It was so cute. I made it clear the very idea disgusts me, but as one of my boys, he has to do things that go beyond the normal. So in these areas, he is coming along fine.
He admits he is ready for black dick; it is just that damned fear thing. He is so scared of actually approaching a dude about sucking his cock. I try to tell him not to be afraid, but you know how boys are.
This week, I am having him go to the mall and lick out the urinals in the men’s rooms. Toilet licking is an essential step for a teenage boy, but usually, it comes after he has been cocksucking for a while.
I just know in my heart that Aston can make a fine fuck pig if he really works at it. I have sent him some unique stories to read to bolster his confidence. And I have also sent him some pictures of other boys with whom I have worked, licking toilets, drinking piss and sucking dick. I have not begun as of yet to suggest shit eating as a task.
He is genuinely submissive, and I think in time, I can get him to do most anything. He is a cute little fucker and needs to be totally fucked up. As if fucking the family pet is not fucked up enough already.
So, please let me introduce you to Aston and his dog, Rex.