Jesse Coulter

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How a life can change in an instant. Everything one thought and believed can be shattered on the rocks of an uncharted coast of a new experience. Here I was, a happy English teacher, twenty-five years old with a lovely wife and a five-year-old daughter. I was teaching in a good urban school, considered something of a boy-genius by my colleagues, respected by parents, and loved by most of my students. And then one fateful day, everything changed because of Jesse Coulter.

It was right after school, and I was seated at my desk correcting some papers when I noticed his lanky sixteen-year-old form standing before me. Jesse and I had not gotten along, did not get along well at all. That’s because he was a very lazy teenage boy. He got through high school thus far on his basketball skills, and most other teachers seemed to turn a blind eye on the fact that he was charming them with his talent on the court and his million-dollar smile. He did not like English class. I guess it clashed with his “street jargon.”

Hell, he did not like schoolwork of any kind. What he did like was fucking every girl he could get his large black hands on. And from what I heard around school, it was not just large black hands that won the young white girls over—talk was he was endowed like a horse.

I mean, I knew several teachers who visited the boys’ locker room just to verify the rumor. These were straight teachers. And the report they gave was that the rumor was correct. The handsome black boy got on well with other students, but they all treated him with some kind of special respect as if he was untouchable, above them in some way. In the lunchroom, for example, when he came to a table, other kids would move aside or even leave if he told them to.

Now, handsome, black, Jesse Coulter stood before my desk. He should have been playing basketball, and I was the reason he was not playing.

“You get me benched?” he asked with a thick, husky, masculine voice.


“No, Jesse, you got yourself benched. You didn’t hand in the last two homework assignments, and you failed the last three tests.”


He stood up taller, straightening his shoulders, which usually slouched.


“I been busy.”


I looked up at him. He was handsome; I had to say that for him. So dark with flashing teeth.


“Too busy to do your schoolwork? Then maybe you need a break from basketball.”


“You know the school never go for that. I the star of the school.”


“Not this week. Not until you get those assignments in and do better on your tests.”


“Fuck that.”


I snapped up. I could feel the heat of anger rising from my reddening face.


“Don’t you speak that way to me!”


Suddenly I was standing in front of him. I could smell his musk. He was about my height, but only sixteen. His strong face had an arrogance about it that was intimidating.


“Look, teach, how the fuck can I take time out to study when I got to play basketball and fuck half the white pussy in the school?” I was speechless. I just stood there. “An, then there’s all them female teachers in the school like Miss Mortenson who need my big black dick. And all them faggot teachers too.”


“That’s enough. I want you out of here and down to the office. Now!


His eyes burned cold, the white around the cornea clear and ivory.


“Listen, asswipe, you think I gonna let one cocksucking teacher fuck up my position here at the school? Shit, I already offered two scholarships to good colleges, and I only a sophomore. You the one who is gonna get on board here and learn some respect for a black star like me!”


And with that, he slapped me. He drew back one large black hand and slapped my face, hard. My head spun. I had never experienced anything like it in my life. I grant you, I’m not a very physical person, although I do swim at the gym to keep a reasonably good body. I am not into sports and prefer Faulkner to football. And this teenage black boy had just slapped me. I reached out to grab a fistful of his t-shirt, but he slapped my hands away as easily as swatting a fly. Then he grabbed my jaw in one large hand.


“We gonna do some extra-curricular work here with me as the teacher and you as the student. We gonna teach you how to respect the black man!”


He almost lifted me off the floor by the one hand on my face. Then with his other hand, he grabbed my crotch. He grabbed my balls.


“Shit, don’t feel like you got much down here. Like most white boys, all talk and no fuck! How the fuck do you please your wife? Suck pussy all the time?”


He squeezed harder and harder until I was sure I was ruined for life, and the room began to spin around me. Then he dropped me to the floor. I heard it before I saw anything. I heard him lower the zipper on his baggy jeans. This could not be happening. There had been something in between I missed. Some gap in events that explained all of this. I was on the floor, my necktie twisted around my shoulder, my trousers wrinkled, and my balls throbbing and sending shooting pain up through my body.


I was looking up at a tall, lanky, punk of a nigger who was unzipping his pants. I use that word carefully. I know its full destructive power. To me, at that moment, Jesse Coulter descended from an African American to a nigger. However, I didn’t have time to feel proud of my linguistic decision. I tried to scramble away, but he placed one large size thirteen tennis shoe on my body to hold me still.


“You know my record here at the school?” he asked, smiling and fishing in his open fly. “You know I already fucked six little white sluts pregnant?” I couldn’t believe that was true. Surely the school would not hide such a thing just to keep us number one in basketball, would they? “I gonna show you what they all love. Why they keep coming back for more. Why Mr. Hample and Mr. Louis drool every time I walk past.”


He grew frustrated trying to fish his prick out of his baggy pants, so he cursed and ripped open the waist button and let pants and boxer shorts drop to the floor. I have to say, I have never seen anything like it on man or boy. I’ve heard that there are photos of such things on the internet, but I do not go to those places. Jesse Coulter stood there with his pants puddle around his feet, and my lying between his spread legs. Over me hung the most enormous dick I have ever seen in my life. Mine is six inches hard, and I have been told that is average, for a white guy anyway. It was as thick as a beer can and it must have hung eight inches—it was not even hard. And dangling under the massive fucker were two low-slung balls, each one the size of a hard-boiled egg. It was freakish. No woman could ever even take such a prick. Of that, I felt certain.


“You gonna like this dick, Mr. Sutton. You gonna learn to love it a whole lot. When I finish with you, you gonna give me an ‘A’ in English, just because you love this dick so much. You gonna want my dick more than your wife’s pussy. You gonna want it like a heroin addict needs a fix. You gonna be nigger dick crazy!”


His talk was crazy, but I was in no position to argue. I had always been completely straight, never ever entertaining gay or bisexual thoughts. I was open-minded about gays and believed in gay rights, but I was not gay.


He sat down on my chest, and his fat prick dragged across my shirtfront, leaking from the puckered foreskin onto me. The shaft of the nigger prick was thick and wrinkled and the long foreskin completely closing over the cockhead. The puckered foreskin flesh at the tip looked like an asshole or something. Then he pumped the gigantic hunk of fuckmeat, and the foreskin drew back over the huge purple cockhead. It looked the size of a plum with a wide pisshole leaking pre-cum. I was in shock as the nigger cock grew to almost a foot in length. It was the most remarkable thing I have ever seen in my life. He started to rub the leaking dickhead all over my face. I tried to turn my head away, but he slapped the fuck out of me until I lay still and just let him play with my face.


“I gonna mark you like an animal marks his territory. You never gonna get the smell of my dick off yo face. You gonna smell my cock snot all the time, even when you fucking that bitch of yo’s.”


He covered my entire face with pre cum, my nose and eyes and lips. I started to gag, and he slapped me again. Hard.


“You never show disrespect to a black man’s cock. You always welcome it, no matter who the black man is. You got that, cuntface?”


He made a fist, and he would have punched me right in the face if I had not agreed. Then he told me to open my mouth. I knew what was coming and that it would change my life forever. I opened my mouth. He yelled for me to open it wider. I did, and he rested his enormous purple dickhead on my lower lip. It dribbled cock slop into my mouth like a leaking faucet.


“I gonna fuck yo ass, of course, but not till later in the week. You my bitch now, so you keep your ass-pussy and mouth available for me any time, night or day. But I ain’t got time today, cause I gots to go to basketball practice. And I going, ain’t I?”


He lifted his huge dick and started to slap my face with it. Pre-fuck sprayed the area around my face. My lips were sticky with his pre-cum. His dick was like a giant club, and it hurt badly when it thunked into my face.


“Yes…yes,” I cried. “You can go, just leave me alone.”


“Leave you alone? No way, girly boy. You is my ho now. I gots lots of fun stuff planned fo you and me. But fo now, I just gonna blow some nice nigger sperm into your mouth and you gonna swallow like a nice cock hog.”


I was crying pretty heavily now and trying to tell him I was not gay, and please do not do this to me, but it was already too late. He had his dick in my mouth, fucking my face as if it was a young white virgin cunt. He humped my face, leaning his body up and over my head, slamming balls deep, so his big nuts thumped on me. His legs stretched, and I raised one hand to his large muscular tight globular ass. His ass skin was smooth, and I felt the deep ass crack. He grunted and pushed more and more dick into my face until it was lodged in my throat, stretching and ripping at my throat muscles. I could not breathe. I was sure I would die. The cock was down twelve inches into my gullet.


‘How could any girl take this?’ I wondered.


The pain was horrible, but the humiliation worse. The prick expanded and throbbed, and I felt it moving in my neck. I put one hand to my neck and actually felt the big nigger dick from the outside of my neck. His pubic hair was thick and stank of sweat and black boy sexual smell. I was being face fucked by a sixteen-year-old nigger and could not do anything about it. Jesus, what was happening to me, and what would become of my life?


Then he came! It seemed like gallons of thick white nigger sperm. It poured down my throat like glue, then he pulled back, and it filled my mouth. It felt like wallpaper paste or oatmeal. It backed up into my nasal passages, and I started to snort nigger cum. He laughed and pulled out and shot three more spurts of dick snot all over my face. Then he milked the dick of the last drops of his cock cream and wiped his dickhead in my hair. He leaned down over me, smiling and then spit three huge gobs right into my face.


“We’ll continue this tomorrow. Don’t try to skip school, or tell anyone about us, or you’ll be very sorry. I got lots of friends who are a whole lot rougher than me.”


He stood up and stuffed his black hose back into his pants, which he pulled up and buttoned.


“I gotta go to practice now. And I bet I get an ‘A’ on the quiz tomorrow, huh?” He put one large foot on my face and pressed down, almost breaking my nose. “Say hello to yo pretty wife for me. Oh, and tomorrow, don’t wear any underwear under your pants. It’ll save time.”


And then he was gone, but my nightmare was just starting.