Little Yukio

The man ushered his beautiful little daughter into the room. This was the fulfillment of his dream. Every since his wife had died in that car accident, and he had been left with a baby daughter he had cradled this sick perversion in his mind and heart. She was smaller than her age, being half Japanese. Tiny really. she only came up to the man's waist. Smaller than her age, but quite young, nonetheless. She looked around with delicate dark eyes which opened wide at what she saw. Fifteen gigantic well muscled black men, lounging around on wooden chairs and drinking liquor, mostly right from the bottle. Even her father pulled back physically at the initial nigger stink. But then his dick gave a lurch as he thought of what lay ahead. These men were the lowest of the low. Stanley was not a racist. He respected African Americans just as he respect Japanese Americans and Latino Americans, and all races. But these men, many recently released from prison, were just niggers. Their bodies were covered with a slick sheen of sweat and their full fat lips drooled with spit and spilled alcohol. They were so black their skins almost shined purple in the dim light of the rented room. sweat dripped from their stinking hairy armpits. Most of them wore wife beaters and low slung jeans. their ages ranged from fifteen to fifty. They had two things in common . Each of them had a dick that was at least ten inches long, and they all loved little girl pussy. Very little girl!!!!

"Daddy, I'm scared. I want to go home." Yukio said, squeezing her daddy's hand harder and looking up at him.

    "Hush, little bitch. You know you promised to be a good little bitch and do what daddy wants."  She had been licking and sucking her own father's dick since her mom died. She sucked him off several times a day, most days and slept at night with her face under his balls. He had taught her well in just a few months. That was the proper place for a little girl's face, under the sweating scrotum of her father. It teaches little bitches respect and what they are for in life. To many girls get to the second and third grade having no idea that their tongues are made to lick men's dicks, balls and assholes. It is a waste of precious years. The sooner a little twat learns what she is for, the sooner she can begin serving the men of the world. Yukio's dad had very strong opinions on this subject, but he never thought in his wildest dreams he would be able to act on them. It was so fortunate his wife passed away, leaving him with his own baby bitch to raise. 

     "Holy Fuck, look at dat. Da white man wasn't shittin' us. We got us some baby cunt to fuck!" 

     "Hi guys," Stanley said weakly with a droopy lopsided grin. "Here's the bitch. She has promised to do whatever you want. But I need to warn you, her pussy and asshole are vigrin. They are really still much to small for a dick, even of my size. So I advise you to stick to getting sucked. She is becoming quite a good cocksucker. I started teaching her the afternoon we learned her mother died, and that was two months ago. She knows how to lick a guy's nuts and his asshole too. if she doesn't suck with enough enthusiasm, just reach down and pinch her tiny titties or her cunt lips a little. That gets her going.  I hope you gentlemen have a wonderful time with her."  Stanley pushed his baby daughter a bit in front of himself. Quite frankly he was terrified of these black thugs. 

    "Daddy, please take me home. I promise to be good."  The little girl was hysterical with fear. 

    "You will be good by giving these fine gentlemen a good time. Remember what Daddy taught you! Now go into the middle of the room an take off your dress." 

    He patted his daughter gently on the back of the head to send her into the room. She stood there sucking on her lower lip, so fucking cute. So fucking vulnerable. Her eyes were wide with fear. 

    "She a fucking Jap!" One black kid of about seventeen said, circling her and rubbing the huge lump at his crotch.

    "She's a fucking half-Jap" Stanley corrected. "Undress, Yukio, now! I won't tell you again!" 

     With a whimper the little girl, still a baby really, began to remove her clothing. There wasn't much. Daddy forbid his girl to wear panties. That way he could rub her little bald pussy whenever he wanted to. At home he kept her naked most of the time. He made her sit with her legs spread wide so he could look at her delicious baby cunt and asshole to his content.  And now as she slipped off her dress, all the black thugs could see that it was indeed a beautiful little cunt.  Still a slit, not yet opened by fucking or too much fingering. Just two perfect puffy cuntlips and a nice deep slit. 

      "Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, is dat some hot cunt! Look at dat, bros. Dat ain't never been fucked! we gonna have fun tonight."

      "As I said, gentlemen. I believe she is too young and small to be fucked just yet. But she can suck your dicks all you like." 

      As the little girl stood there naked and trembling, the negroes moved in to get a better look and to touch the soft delicate skin. 

     "Such pretty black hair. Such soft skin. Such a  nice flat chest with two little titty-buds. And bro's, look at dat baby pussy. Look at dem sweet pussy lips." 

     "Look back here, Marcus, she got a beautiful little ass. Each ass cheek  no bigger den a cantalope.  An' a nice deep crack. She gonna be a great  ass fuck too." 

     "No, as I said, her ass is still virgin and I have explored it at great length. It is still too small to take even two fingers, much less a dick."  Stanley moved in, but he was roughly pushed out of the way. 

     "Is She a fucking slut or not?" He glared at Stanley with milky eyes and flared nostrils. He was about twenty-five and enough to scare anyone. 

     "Well, yes, she is a fucking slut. I mean aren't all girls? She sucks dick like a pro, but I just think..." 

     "If she a fucking slut, den it time she got fucked." 

     'Perhaps you don't realize how young she is. She's only..." 

     "Who gives a fuck? Now shut yo' mouth or we gonna shut it fo' you!" 

     Marcus signaled the other black thugs to back away from little Yukio who was crying pretty hard.  Then he squatted down in front of her to be at her level. 

     "Don't cry little bitchcunt. We gonna make you feel real good. You jus' wait. We gonna make you so happy. Mos' girls just love big black nigger dicks. You see, you gonna love dem too. Yo' daddy tell me you suck dick real good. Is dat true?" 

      Wiping the tears away with the back of one tiny hand, she nodded. Then her hands went down to cover her little naked pussy. 

     "Oh, no, no, no, no. A pretty little bitch like you mus' never cover her cunt. Her dick ditch is for men to look at and play wit' and enjoy. You mus' never ever cover it.  Now take your hands and open dem puffy pussy lips and show us da inside of your little baby cunt!" 

      "Do I have to?" she asked in the sweetest little voice, her eyes going from Marcus to her father." 

      "Yeah, little Fuckhole, you gots to!" The blacks in the room chuckled and rubbed their hard dicks through their pants. 

      Little Yukio, with terror in her eyes mixed with shame, reached down and spread her tiny pussy lips with her fingers to reveal the bright pink inner cunt of a little girl. 

      'Oh dat is so beautiful. Here sit on dis wooden chair and put your feet up on da seat so you can spread yo' legs wider and get dat baby twat open even further!" 

      He lifted the little girl onto the chair, his hands tingling at the feel of her soft tender baby flesh. He showed her how to spread her legs wide as the other negroes gathered around. 

     "Now really spread dem cunt lips for us. Give us a big smile jap girl, and spread your cunt lips for us!" 

       The little girl was trembling so hard she could hardly spread her tiny pussy lips. But she did the best she could to obey. She knew she had better do whatever they told her to. 

     The black thugs gave a howl of delight when they saw all that inner cunt flesh. 

     "Scoot down in da seat so we can see yo' asshole too. We gonna fuck yo' baby asshole too!" 

     It was then that Stanley knew for sure that these black hoodlums were going to fuck his little girl. They were not going to listen to him and only demand a good cocksuck. They were going to rape and stretch and probably rip the little girls baby pussy and asshole with their gigantic black pricks.  Stanley almost shot off in his pants. This was unbelievable. He has never been so sexually turned on in his life. 

     Marcus quickly shucked off his clothes until he stood totally naked and glistening in the dim yellow lamp light. He moved in toward little Yukio, still holding her cunt lips open. 

she stared wide eyed at his humongous hunk of black fuckmeat. It was twice the size of Daddy's. The head was a large as an apple and it leaked strings of pre-fuck. She honestly doubted she could even get it in her mouth. the stalk was dark chocolate in color and purple veins ran along the length. Below the cunt busting dick hung two nuts the size of oranges in a low winkled sack covered with curly black hair. The sack swung with each move Marcus made. The scrotum alone was almost as large as Yukio's face. 

    He straddled her lap still standing, his fucking huge dick leaking spooge all down her chest and tummy.  The prick head was inches from her face. 

   "Here little baby bitch, lick my fucking nigger dick. Lick it real good now!" 

    She stretched out her tiny pink tongue and swiped at the huge purple cockhead. It was wet with cock scum, and the pisshole opened and closed like a tiny mouth. Stanley knew that when a nigger was in heat, there was no stopping him, and he suddenly realized that was exactly why he had arranged this meeting with black thugs instead of white. He wanted to hire dudes who would be out of control with his little girl. He wanted them to go too far...much too far with her. Other niggers were stripping now and frigging their thick meaty dicks. The room smelled of nigger cock.  Yukio lapped at the huge purple dickhead, coating her tongue with jig jizz. He rubbed the cockhead all over her pretty little face, coating it with cock scum.  Her face glistened with nigger pre-fuck. 

    " Dat's how a little bitch like you should be all the time. Here face coated with nigger dick slop. She should go out dat way so everyone can see she take nigger dick slop!" 

    Fifteen naked negroes with huge leaking fuckers gathered around the naked little girl on the chair. Their dicks dripped onto her legs and shoulders and arms and hands and neck and in her silky black hair. Fuck slop ran in tiny rivulets down her body. Marcus made sure her pretty little lips were coated with a thick gloss of pre-fuck. He made sure cock slop was up each nostril, so she could smell it.  Then he told her to open wide and shoved the cockhead into her mouth. It was huge. She could hardly take the whole dickhead. She coughed, and he slapped her on the back of the head. 

    "Come on, Bitch. Yo' pappy say you a good cocksucker. If you can't even take da head, how you gonna take ten inches down yo' throat?" 

    " Relax your mouth and throat like I taught you, Yukio. Don't embarrass me in front of these gentlemen." Stanley said, scared for his own ass! 

     She tried to relax, she really did. But the cock was so huge. He shoved more and more of it into her baby mouth, until it was half down her throat. She could not breath. 

    "Breath through yo' nose, Cunt. I gonna pull out and push in. You breath when I pull out. It's simple!" He pulled back a little, she sucked in air through her nose, and then he shoved six inches of wrist thick dick into her mouth. she looked fucking facially impaled. Stanley had his own dick out and was masturbating at the sight. And to think all fifteen of these horse hung black thugs would make her suck them! It was too wonderful to believe. His little girl was a nigger sucker!  He would speak to Marcus later about trying to arrange it so she would suck lots of nigger cock every single week from now on. He would like to see her sucking five to ten of them every fucking day. He'd like to arrange it so his little baby daughter did nothing in her life except suck cock and get fucked. She didn't need school or friends or tv or a cell phone. She would spend all her days and nights sucking dick and getting fucked. How wonderful. 

    "That's a good girl...suck that nig...black cock!" He shouted, not wanted to offend his new friends.

   Marcus pulled out, a string of pre fuck attaching his kick to the little girl's mouth. She coughed and sputtered and spit and cock slime ran from her nose. A second black man, this one in his forties and quite fat with an obscenely thick dick turned Yukio's head. 

    "Here you go. Suck on dis, you fucking little whore cunt!"  She sucked on the second dick, as Marcus squatted down, his balls scraping the floor and his dick throbbing, and began to finger the little girl's cunt. She instinctively put her thin little legs together, but he slapped them apart.  Then he inserted one thick finger into her baby pussy. 

    "Oh God, you are going to fuck her, aren't you? You are going to fuck my little girl!" Stanley screamed, his voice choked with lust. 

    "Damn straight I gonna fuck dis bitch!  She a slut, and she ready for it." 

     Yukio tried to scream at the pain of the finger in her pussy, but the black dick choking her throat kept her quiet. Spooge ran down her throat in a torrent, and this was only nigger pre-fuck. 

     The fat man pulled his dick out and it slapped her face, leaving fresh pecker tracks. "Here you useless white cunt, lick my balls!" 

     Fortunately the little girl knew how to lick balls. She licked her daddy's balls for hours every night. While he watched tv, she squatted on the floor and licked his scrotum. 

 Now she lapped at the big sweaty nigger nuts, the dick spurting pre-fuck into her hair.  Meanwhile Marcus had his finger prodding her intact hymen.

     "Hold dat bitch by da hair. I gonna bust her cheery now!"   They held her and he roughly jabbed at her cheery until she yelped and he went in further and then came out with his finger full of blood. He showed it to his brothers in the room and then proudly licked it off. They cheered.  Yukio was in extreme pain. 

     "Now dat's done I can work two and den three fingers up her, so she ready for some black dick!" 

      Two nigger thugs held her legs up and out, rubbing their hard dripping dicks on her bare feet while Marcus drilled his fingers deeper and deeper into her puffy baby pussy.  Meanwhile, the fat negro had turned around and demanded that she stick her little girl tongue up his asshole. His fat black ass cheeks smothered her cries of pain and shame. She wiggled her tongue as best she could against the nigger asshole. 

     "You fucking piece of shit, get dat tongue up into my shithole! Don't just tickle it. Get dat tongue way up dere!"  He ground his fat ass back against her face, while another negro pushed her head from the back, forcing her face into his ass. 

     Marcus had two fingers up her cunt and  now he bent his thumb down and started to push it against her asshole.  "Gotta open up her asshole too! Can't leave dat neglected." 

     She began to throw her body in the chair and they had to hold her still. 

     "I thought you said she was well behaved?" Marcus complained to Stanley who was beating his dick frantically. 

      'She is. It's just that that ass is probably smothering her. I mean, she's got to breath, doesn't she?" 

      Fat ass  pulled away.  He glared at Stanley. "You so smart, Mr. white man? Okay den, I gonna fuck her mouth some more and you can kneel down behind me and suck my ass for me while I do it!" 

     "Oh no, that is not part of the arrangement. I am not involved. You do whatever you want to her!" 

     "I said, kneel down behind me and suck my ass while I fuck yo' baby's face! Now you gots five seconds to get yo' tongue up my ass!" 

     This was terrible. Stanley was trapped what could he do? He was not homosexual in any way. How could he suck a man's asshole, much less a fat black ass!

     "You better do as my bro say. He cut up some white dude las' week pretty bad!" Marcus smiled a toothy smile and wigged his fingers and thumb in the little girls stretched pussy and asshole. 

      Stanley started to suck the negro's fat ass. He tasted sweat and ass slime and perhaps shit. He licked and sucked the asshole while the thug fed his thick leaking dick once again into the little girl's mouth. 

      Suddenly Marcus lifted Yukio up in the air. the fat negro barked his anger, but Marcus quickly sat in the wooden chair himself and put the crying girl on his lap. A third negro took the opportunity to introduce his stinking leaking dick to her mouth. The fat negro grunted in disgust and pulled his ass off Stanley's ass slick face and turned around. 

     "You suck my dick for a bit!" he said, shoving his massive prick in Stanley's face. 

      "I'm not a cocksucker!" 

       "Yo' baby's face is busy. You is a cocksucker now! " The wet, meaty cockhead battered at his lips. 

      "It's too big. I'll choke on it!" 

       But the nigger was relentless. He grabbed Stanley by the hair and forced his dick down the white man's throat. Soon Stanley was impaled on the prick, flopping around on the floor with eight inches of dick down his throat and two more still to come. 

       Meantime, Marcus sat with the sucking little girl on his lap. His thick twelve inch dick stuck up between her legs like it was her own dick. He pinched her titties and her pussy lips while she sucked the cock of a lanky tall negro youth.  Then marcus reached up and scooped up some of the dick leak, from the face fucking boy. Scum ran from the girls mouth and the fucking dick. Marcus got three fingers coated with the slop and applied that to his throbbing dickhead. The he lifted the girl ever so gently so she could still suck and placed her tiny baby asshole over his cockhead. He sat her down on his cockhead. It was much too large for the hole and would not go in. 

     "Watch the bitch's teeth Leroy, I gonna ram her down on my dick!" 
      Leroy was lucky to remove his dick because she did clench her teeth and she screamed bloody murder as the fat black cock penetrated her baby asshole. Marcus steadily pushed her down on his dick, several times encountering blockage and forcing his way through it. He was no dumb nigger He knew that if he fucked her cunt, he could only get seven or eight inches in her because she was so fucking small. But if he fucked her asshole, he could go all the way into her intestines and fuck her balls deep.  The lanky nigger clamped a hand over the little girl's mouth to muffle the screams.  She flopped around like a fish out of water which made the ass fuck even better. Marcus felt the ass hole and inner ass lining give way under his thick fuckmeat. He felt his dickhead pushing it's way into her intestines. He was careful because he didn't want to totally damage her. All his black brothers had to fuck her too. They had a right to a good fuck. And then they would all piss on her and teach her to swallow piss. She would become their regular baby whore fuckhole.They would pimpher out so she was taking fifteen or twenty black dicks every day.    And then he had future plans for her. He had some friends who bred big mastiff fighting dogs. Marcus longed to see this little bitch getting fucked by a bunch of bid dick dogs. He also wanted to see her sucking dog dick. What a nice sight that would make. He would put it up on the internet. He was sure Stanley would like that. And if he didn't who gave a fuck. Stanley was busy learning how to deep throat black dick! Maybe Stanley would enjoy some dog cock too.  Marcus smiled and bounced the little bitch harder on his thick black hunk of fuckmeat.