Little Gina and the High School Boys

Eight year old Gina sat naked in the arm chair in the 
middle of the rec-room, a light trained on her, making 
her almost glow in the surrounding darkness of the 
basement. The six eighteen year old high school seniors 
moved in closer to her. She was so innocent and fragile 
looking, especially naked. A ripe little cunt if they 
ever saw one. 

"Guys, this is my new eight year old step sister Gina," 
said Rob, a really handsome well built hunk of a high 
school star athlete. "Well, she's not really my step 
sister, but kind of. You see her ma is in the looney 
bin from drug overdoses and her dad flew the coop years 
ago and my Ma and Pa are taking the little bitch in to 
live with us. Isn't that right, Twat?" 

Gina looked up at her new step brother. She was very, 
very scared of him. She was scared of most people in 
the world, but especially him. He called her Twat. He 
told her it was a cute little nick name for her, but 
she didn't like the sound of it. 

"She looks like a spic..." Brad, a blond jock said, 
rubbing the lump in his jeans.

"Yeah, she's half spic, we just gotta find out which 
half." The boys all laughed, and beautiful dark haired 
Gina didn't like the sound of their laughter either. 
She felt horrible having to sit naked in the chair so 
they could all look at her, but Rob had told her that 
if she didn't want to get sent to an orphanage, she had 
to belong to the family...and to belong to the family, 
he had to approve of her, and for him to approve of 
her, she had to do what he said. 

"If she's half a spic... then at eight, she's ready for 
it. Those slime balls are sucking cock by four years 
old, and you can't tell me different," another boy 

"Fucking A." Rob said, nodding his head. He was a real 
ladies man at eighteen and he could tell when a bitch 
was cock hungry, no matter what her age. He could see 
it in her eyes and hear it in her voice. "Now Gina, if 
you're a good girl, and pass our test, you can stay in 
our family and all my buddies here will be your good 
friend. But you gotta prove to us that you trust us. 
First...I want you to hook your legs over the arms of 
the chair there and sit real still for us." 

"But rob, everyone will see my private part." Gina had 
been taught by her mom to call it a private part, and 
told that it was her special place and nobody else ever 
had a right to it. 

"Exactly Twat, if you share your private part with 
us...then we will know you trust us. And don't worry, 
we'll show you our private parts too, won't we boys?" 

"We sure will," said Brad, groping his private part 
through his jeans. 

 "Now come on, be a good girl. Otherwise you will be 
sent to a very bad place to live." 

Eight year old Gina didn't want to be sent to a bad 
place to live, so she lifted her sweet little legs and 
hooked them over the arms of the chair, revealing 
innocent young baby slit to the gaze of the horny 
teenage boys. 

"Now that is what I call prime cunt!" one boy said. 

"Perfect virgin pussy. Look at the shape of those cunt 
lips, not all stretched and turned out yet. 

"Totally hairless." 

"I keep my girlfriend totally hairless down there," one 
boy said. 

"Yeah Carson," Rob said, "that's cause you muff dive 
and chew off her bush!" The guys laughed but they all 
moved in closer to look at Gina's virgin pussy. 

"You got a really pretty gash, Twat," Rob cooed. "You 
should be proud of it. See, guys like it. You should 
wanna show it to guys and make them happy. Then they 
will like you." 

Her cunt was very beautiful. soft and baby like, a nice 
flesh mound with a deep slit in the center. 

"She ain't got tits," one boy said. 

"If you want tits so bad, go fuck a cow," Rob said. He 
actually did like tits on girls too, but found Gina's 
flat baby chest somehow a turn on. "Now Gina, I want 
you to reach down with your fingers and spread your 
cunt lips for us. Let us see inside your pussy." 

"Do I gotta, Rob?" 

"Yeah, Twat, you gotta. Now be a good slut and do it." 
Although her face grew flushed, Gina reached down and 
with her delicate little girl fingers opened up her 
cuntal slit. 

"Holy shit, that's hot..." Brad said, sinking to his 
knees, his face very close to the baby cunt. 

"Twat, you can do better than that for us. Reach way in 
with your fingers and pull your cunt lips apart." Six 
high school seniors had the hardest wettest boners of 
their young lives. It was just that it was so fucking 
obscene, so fucking nasty what they were doing, it make 
them even more horny. 

"Look at that pink inner pussy flesh... oh, is that 
ever asking for a big hard hunk of fuckmeat to fill it! 
This bitch needs it bad boys. I'm afraid my new step 
sister is a fucking cock slut!" 

Rob stood tall ,smiling to his buddies, and then 
started to undo his jeans. He peeled off his tee shirt, 
kicked off his tennis shoes, ripped of his socks and 
stood in front of his new little sister dressed in only 
his white jockey shorts. His leaking prick pushed out 
the front of the shorts and created a giant wet spot. 

"We promised her we'd show her our private parts too 
guys, so lets go!" Rob hooked his thumbs into the 
waistband of his briefs and peeled them down. His nine 
inch coke can thick hunk of teen dick bounced up and 
slapped his stomach, spraying pre-fuck, but then 
because it was so heavy, it settled sticking straight 
out form his groin, over two nuts the size of hard 
boiled eggs. The girls at school had a hard time taking 
Rob's prick, especially because he tended to go for the 
younger girls, freshmen mostly. 

Still everyone wanted to be the girlfriend of the 
school's star athlete. Most of the guys were envious of 
Rob's big fucker, but not the guys in this room, you 
see, this was Rob's special senior club. You had to 
have over eight inches of dick to even get in the club. 
One of the entrance tests to get into the group was 
that you had to get a girl under fifteen pregnant. 
These were not nice boys. But then lots of jock boys 
are animals at that age. 

The boys quickly stripped and soon all six were 
standing around the naked eight year old Gina, their 
big teen pricks leaking and dripping. 

"What's the matter Gina, never seen a dick before?" Rob 

"Not like that, only on boys my age at swimming and 

"Well Gina, look how big and beautiful this is. I big 
cock is the most important thing in a girl's life. 
Girls don't have cocks, so they spend their lives 
trying to make guys cocks feel good. Keep spreading 
your cunt lips Gina, and with one finger tickle 
yourself in there while you look at my big fat dick." 

Rob tightened his ass muscles so his monster prick 
bounced and leaked even more. "Oh yeah, guys, she's a 
natural born whore... look how she looks at it." 

Some of the boys began to frig their pricks as Rob 
walked closer to his new sister. "Oh yeah, Gina, you 
want this bad, don't you." 

She had tears in her eyes and shook her head. "its a 
bad thing. You are doing a bad thing." 

"Yeah, and ain't it ever fun?" All the guys laughed and 
their fuckhoses swung and bounced and dripped. 

"Now Gina, here's the next part of your test. Keep your 
fingers in your cunt. Now, Me and my buddies are going 
to walk up to you one by one and I want you to give 
each of us a nice big kiss on our dicks!" 

"Holy shit, Rob, can we do this?" 

"Why the fuck not? She ain't got no family...and she's 
not going to complain. She's going to be a good little 
girl. Ain't you Twat?" 

"Please, Rob, I don't wanna do it..." 

"Well tough shit, cause you are going to, staring with 
my nine inch cunt buster!" Rob walked up to her, put 
his hand in her hair and bent her head back over the 
rear of the chair, then he stood over her, his teen 
prick quivering over her nose and mouth. "Can you smell 
it, Bitch? That's prick smell, and to cunt's its the 
greatest smell in the world. It will make your pussy 
wet in no time. Keep those fucking legs spread and your 
fingers deep in your twat. Now kiss my cock." 

Eight year old Gina puckered her lips and kissed the 
bottom of Rob's leaking cockhead. Some dickslime got on 
her lips. She made a horrible face. 

"No you don't bitch, not a little peck like that. I 
want a nice long open mouthed kiss right on the head of 
my prick." 

One by one, ever boy got his dick kissed by the little 
girl. Soon her face was shining with cock slime...it 
ran down her cheeks and dripped from her chin. She was 
afraid to open her mouth, but they made her. All six 
guys got cock kissed. 

Rob was all smiles. "See Bitch, that wasn't so bad, was 
it? And you did a real good job. Now We're going to 
line up again and this time you are going to lick our 
dicks all over, up and down the prick stalk and all 
over the cock head...ok?" 

"I don't want to..." Gina started to get up. Rob 
slammed her back into the chair and slapped her hard. 
"I didn't want to do that, but don't give me shit! You 
do as you are told. All bitches need to do as guys tell 
them to do. That's what wrong with the fucking world." 
Gina was so scared. She didn't understand what was 
going on. 

As each guy came up to her, the little girl licked 
their big fat stinking leaking dicks. Some twitched 
against her lips, some dripped little rivers of prick 
snot onto her tongue...some bounced and were slippery. 
When Gina gagged from the humiliation and the awful 
taste, Rob took her little face in his hands. 

"Listen Cunt and listen good. You don't ever gag on man 
meat! You show respect to dick at all times. Cocks are 
your Gods...and you worship them! You're going to be 
seeing a lot of cock every day from now on, and tasting 
it too, and you just better show every fucking one the 
proper respect." 

Gina didn't understand why boys should be so crazy over 
a stupid dirty part of their bodies. But she learned 
how to lick dick. 

"Good! Very, very, good!" Rob looked at the spit 
polished dicks of all the boys... so hard they looked 
ready to explode. The guys were breathing heavily and 
the nipples were riding up on and down on their 
sculptured chests. 

 "Now, Gina, my little twat, see what I have here under 
my prick? This is my fuck sack and inside my fuck sack 
are my balls...my baby makers. Now You are going to 
lick the balls of ever guy here...only be gentle, the 
balls are very sensitive, lick the sack and nuts very 

And eight year old Gina, wishing she were almost 
anywhere else, became a ball licker. She got nut hair 
in her teeth. She smelled and tasted scrotum flesh, as 
each guy stood over her and lowered his nuts into her 
open mouth. 

"Oh fuck, this is really living. I could do this every 
fucking day," said Brad as Gina washed his scrotum with 
her tongue and lips. 

"My man, you can do this every fucking day, now we got 
Gina and she can do this for us every day." Rob said. 

Licking balls was the worst so far for poor eight year 
old Gina. The taste and smell lingered in her mouth. 

"Now Gina, there is only one thing a guy likes more 
than getting his balls licked by a bitch...do you know 
what that is?" She shook her head. 

Rob turned around so his back was to her and twisted 
his head around to look over his shoulder..." Guys 
absolutely adore getting their asses licked and 

"Oh God Rob, I can't. I can't do that," she tried to 
run, but Rob had two guys hold her in the chair. 

"Sure you can, you're gonna be an expert at by the time 
we get through." One of the guys in the room lost it 
then and shot a spray of fuck across the basement and 
it landed on Gina's pale young body. 

Rob jumped. "Watch it man, you almost got your cum on 
me!!" he yelled. Then, with his pals holding her down, 
he back up over Gin's face which was bent back over the 
rear of the chair. He spread his hunky muscular ass 
globes and brought his ass crack right down on her nose 
and mouth, his huge nuts resting on her forehead. 

She gagged and started to dry heave. He stepped off and 
slapped her twice, so her head swung back and forth. 

"What did I tell you about respect. You show respect 
for a guy's ass too! A guy takes a bitch on a date and 
spends money on her, he has a right to expect a god ass 
licking, but you fucking bitches are so stuck up. Now 
listen cunt, you lick and suck my ass, or you will feel 
lots of pain, and I am not shitting you!" 

He sat back down on her face. At first she just 
breathed in the ass crack, her mouth was pressed 
against the eighteen year old boy's asshole. 

"Start licking!" Gina started to lick the asshole. Some 
of the boys couldn't stand it any more and started to 
stroke and pinch the eight year old slut's body. One 
jock stuck a large finger right into her pussy hole and 
she jumped. 

"Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh fuck does she need it bad," the 
jock said finger fucking in and out of her virgin pussy 
until he could feel her cherry skin. She was in lots of 
pain, but every time she stopped licking asshole, Rob 
would bounce on her face. 

"Lick deep, get that tongue up my shitter. Come on 
Bitch, suck ass, tongue fuck my shithole!" 

In case you are wondering, yes, Gina had to lick and 
suck the asses of all six boys. But that was just the 
start of her ordeal. Things got much, much worse for