25 Ways to Have Special Fun

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Here is a list of summer fun suggestions for you to pass out among boys from the ages of six to sixteen. Put a copy in a kid's backpack, hand them out on playgrounds, or mail it to your favorite youngster. I always leave a few at public swimming pools, video arcades, and similar places. It’s our job to help young boys develop properly.

Hello there,

If you are a boy between the ages of six and sixteen, then this fun filled list of suggestions is just for you. If you are very young, you may have to wait a few years to try a few of these games, but don't worry, practice makes perfect. Are you bored now that it’s getting near the end of summer? Has this been the best summer ever, or only ok? Here are twenty-five suggestions to make this the best summer you ever had. These suggestions have to do with SEX. I know boys your age think about sex a lot. That's good as its healthy and normal. Your cock is your best friend. Most boys, once they reach the age of six play with their cocks five to six hours every day. They even play with their cocks during classes at school, but it’s lots easier to play with your fuck meat in the summer. Have you heard that expression before? Fuck meat? That's one of the many things boys call their dicks. Here are twenty-five good games you can play this summer.

Jerk off with a pal. If you are over five years old, you should be jerking your prick for a couple of hours every day. Once you reach twelve and start fucking girls, you may not jerk so often, but you will still jerk, and as soon as you can cum, you will want to shoot a nice load three or four times every day. Play with your prick in the morning before you get out of bed. All boys do this. And also play with it at night before you go to sleep. I do hope you sleep bare-ass. All real boys slip off their pajamas as soon as they get in bed and sleep all naked so they can rub their dicks and balls on the bedsheets. It feels so good. If your mom and dad have you sleep in underpants, get those off too. The only way to sleep is bare-assed. Anyway, this summer, try jerking off with a pal of yours. Your best friend or even someone you just met. Ask other boys if they want to jerk off with you. Show them your dick and take a good look at theirs. Maybe you could even help each other out and do each other’s pricks. If you are older, like fifteen and fucking girls, don’t shy away from jerking off a with a buddy. This can be lots of fun and is in no way queer. Even dudes in the Army and Marines jerk off each other.

Practice Fucking. If you are over twelve and have not yet fucked a girl, you are probably a faggot. I am not trying to make you feel bad. It’s just a fact. Most boys of twelve and over are fucking girls regularly. Maybe you are a faggot and just don't realize it? There is only one way to tell. Get out and fuck a girl this summer. It’s for your own good. You have to find out if you are a normal boy. You can start fucking girls as young as six, except of course you can't blast of a load of baby making magic, but you can still have fucking fun. Start by picking a girl younger than yourself. Sometimes they pretend like they don’t want to fuck and you have to pretend to be real mean and rough with them. That's okay since it’s all part of the game. If you just can't seem to get a girl, practice by sticking your dick in the ass of some little boy in the neighborhood. In fact, I would recommend that all boys of eight, nine or ten start out by fucking the asses of other little boys because when you start to fuck girls, you want to know what you are doing and you want to impress the chicks. For you older boys (twelve to sixteen), here are some ways to add variety to your fucking schedule. Fuck your girlfriend in the ass. Fuck your little brother or sister. Find a boy in the neighborhood who is a sissy, and you and your buddies gang fuck him. (Force him to meet you every day.) When you fuck your girlfriend, take your dick out of her ass and then shove it in her mouth. Teach her to respect your big teenage dick. Do five or six strokes in her cunt, ass, mouth, ass, mouth, cunt, mouth, ass and so on until you are ready to blow.

Fuck the little brother of your girlfriend without her finding out. That is always lots of fun. Go to your girlfriend's house when only her little brother is home and force him to dress up in your girlfriend's underwear then have him suck your cock or fuck his little ass. (you can do with boys from about three years old and upward).

When your buddies come over to hang out...serve them some coke (beer if your parents aren't home) and before you bring it out to them..piss in it. Just enough...so you can have a good laugh knowing they are drinking your piss.

Poke pinprick holes in all your rubbers so your girlfriend might get pregnant. You can always say you were safe and used a condom. Therefore, she must be a fucking slut and sleeping around. It adds a fun element to fucking.

Poke pinprick holes in all your Dad's condoms and wait for the family fun as your Ma gets pregnant again. Oh, wow, lots of laughs for you watching them scream and cry.

Masturbate and shoot a load onto a sandwich you then serve to your little sister or brother or even to your Mom or Dad.

Pick a kid in the neighborhood of about six, seven or eight (younger than you and your buddies) and make him give you money and make him suck your dicks every day all summer (or what's left of it). Tell him that if he doesn't do it, you will tell all the kids at his school that he is a faggot. Take pics of him sucking dick. Don’t show you or your pals, just your dicks in his face. Then make copies and send the pics to everyone at his school.

Cheat on your girlfriend. Only pussy boys don't fuck other girls. That's half the fun of having a girlfriend – cheating on her. See how many different cunts you can fuck in one summer. Have a challenge with your pals. Who can fuck the most twats? To make the game more fun, set rules like for one week only cunts under ten years old, the next week only black cunt, etc.

Force your little brother or sister to suck off your family dog. It’s so fucking funny to watch, especially with your buddies.

Find an old lady. Not one who knows you. Follow some old, old cunt home from the store or something. When you find one that lives alone, send her naked pictures of your dick and balls and write real dirty stuff to her like how she would love to have you fuck her old smelly cunt and ass.

Have a pain endurance contest with your buddies. See who can stand the most pain on his nuts. Beat each other's ball sacks with rulers. The guy who gives up first is a pussy and has to suck off all the other guys.

When your parents are gone, have a whole gang of guys over for a jerk off party. You all sit and watch dirty videos or look at magazines and jerk your meat. The first guy to cum is the loser. You have to try to keep yourselves hard for three hours at least. No guy is allowed to lose his boner.

Find a little boy playing alone and take him someplace secluded and make him drink your piss.

At the local public swimming pool or gym, steal some kid's clothes, so he is totally bare-assed. You can also find any kid on the street, and you and your buddies beat the shit out of him and take all his clothing. Tell him if he wants his clothes back he has to fuck his ass with a bottle. After he does it, tell him it wasn't good enough and take his clothes anyway. It’s a gas.

Go to a public restroom in a park make sure an old faggot (twenty or so) is there. Piss next to him and then start to jerk your dick. If he tries to touch, you tell him he can't, and you will tell the police, but stand there and jerk in front of him. Drop your pants and strip off your tee shirt, so you get him really hot. Call him really dirty, gross names like cocksucker, cunt hole, stuff like that. Jerk off right in front of him. You will see he will be hypnotized by your dick. Shoot onto the floor and tell him he can lick your cum off the floor. See if he does it. (If you’re are too young to cum, you can still play this game. Just have your fun and then spit on the queer and go. If any queer touches you, scream for the police. That will send him off fast.)

Take a dump then mix some of your shit in with some food like chocolate brownies and serve it to your friends. What a laugh as they eat your shit and don’t know it.

Take a kid, strip him, gag him, tie him to a chair, then tie a long rope from his dick to a door that opens outward. Leave the room by another exit. When someone opens the door, he will get a good hard, painful tug on his dick and nuts.

Fuck a Dog. Why not? You have a dick, and it needs fun. Nobody has to know. Stick your dick in a dog’s cunt or a dogs ass. It can be a nice change from jerking off.

If you babysit, stick your dick in the baby's mouth. Who will know? And baby's suck real good. It can be fun. Also, piss in the baby's mouth.

If you are fourteen or older, go to a playground and let the little kids watch you jerk off. This will help to educate them and be fun for you. They will be impressed at how big your dick is.

Make your little brother or sister kiss and lick your ball sack.

Get your ass sucked. Use your girlfriend's face, or your brother or sister, or some kid you know, but have them suck and lick your ass for hours at a time while you watch TV or listen to music. Believe me, there is no greater feeling.

Find a used rubber from when your dad fucks your mom and make your little brother or sister suck it clean. Tell them they are sucking and swallowing their own brother or sister.

Find some really shy quiet girl and make her kiss and lick your dick and balls. Make her say really dirty stuff like how she wants her cunt fucked by your huge, teenage dick. Make her strip and play with her pussy and tits while you watch. Make sure she is a fucking virgin. Then tell her she has two weeks to get fucked. Tell her that if she is not fucked in two weeks, you and all your buddies will gang-bang her. Tell her you want pics or a tape for some proof and it better be convincing. (You can also check her twat cherry.) Tell her, you want the name and telephone number of the boy who fucked her. Then go to the boy and threaten to tell his parents and the police unless the girl and boy do a nice fuck show for you and all of your pals. Make them fuck in front of you and do nasty stuff like piss in each other’s mouths. Make sure he shoots up her without a rubber. Then make the boy suck all of your dicks hard before you all fuck the cunt. Use the two of them as your sex slaves for the rest of the summer and maybe even after school starts. Get the bitch pregnant, and he gets all the blame. Cool. You bet.

There are so many other fun games you and your pals can play. So many fun sex games, but I hope these few at least get you started. Remember there is no excuse for being bored as long as you have your best friend – your COCK!